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The real reason why french troops are in Mali fighting rebels

Why is France so eager to fight islamist rebels in Mali, while on the other hand supporting the same type of rebels in Syria and Libya?

"France, in this operation, is not pursuing any interest ... other than safeguarding a friendly country, and does not have any goal other than fighting against terrorism." – President Francois Hollande

Any individual who is not yet completely brainwashed by governments and mainstream media understand that this is not the reason French troops are fighting “terrorists” in Mali. So then, what is the real reason?

Natural resources. More specifically gold and uranium, the latter which France need in order to keep their nuclear factories running. It is all about exploitation, don’t trust the anti-terror rants by French officials. A couple of years ago, there was a sudden obsession among western media regarding Sudan and the humanitarian crisis and Islamic militants taking over the area of southern Sudan. There is no coincidence in why Sudan became a sudden focal point. The US saw an opportunity to secure natural resources in the oil-rich southern part of the country. By hiding behind humanitarian and anti-terror reasons, America could successfully establish a military presence in Sudan and help form the new independent South Sudan. While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged South Sudan’s leader to not allow their domestic resources exploited by other nations, the US had already started building oil pipes in the area.

What we see now is France securing natural resources in the new geopolitical playing ground (Africa that is) and using the war on terror as an excuse.

There is another reason to why the western powers have suddenly taken huge interest in Africa. China has already established a strong presence in the African region. They have played a huge part in developing infrastructure and jobs in countries such as Nigeria in exchange for natural resources. In some African nations, school children are now learning Chinese as their second language. If you want to learn more about Chinese involvement in Africa, check out this site http://www.chinaafricarealstory.com/

America, France and other western nations have been so obsessed by the Middle East that the Chinese “semi-colonization” of Africa was pretty much left unnoticed. Now, they are making moves to rapidly reverse this trend. And the French are leading the way with their sweet little humanitarian war on Malian soil.

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