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Ernest Hancock & Adam Kokesh: SAFE, Second Amendment is For Everyone

Adam vs. The Man Interview - Ernest Hancock talks with Adam Kokesh, host of Adam vs. the Man, about the video documentary on the history of the 2nd amendment that is being distributed to all legislators, media, police, fire stations, and more around the Phoenix area.

Sponsored by S.A.F.E.
Second Amendment is for Everyone


More at Ernie's site: Freedoms Phoenix

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I must have missed it..

Where is the link for the freaking DVD?

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Is it just me or.....?

Has Adam been kind of shunned by alot of people in the liberty movement? Ever since he had some words for Jack Hunter (Honestly I think Adam may of been kind of right about the southern avenger), everyone seemed to dislike him from then on, and you don't see much of him on the DP anymore. I still think Adam kicks a**, he's been putting out alot of good videos lately too.

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I can't speak for anyone else, but I don't find Adam Kockesh to be very tolerant. To him, the only people in the libertarian movement are the anarchists and if you're not an anarchist, you're the enemy...or at least that's how I've read some of the things he's said. It's like the miniarchists, the left libertarians, and the right libertarians don't exist or aren't true libertarians.

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I like Adam

And I like Ernie, too.

What I like about Adam is that he speaks his mind - good or bad, he's not afraid to do that. I respect that.

What I like about Ernie is that he's not easily snowed, and he doesn't buy the "you gotta work within the political system" BS. I've talked to Ernie at length, and we're on the same page as far as that goes. He was a little ahead of me there - had a clearer vision. He was calling the 2012 campaign "Ron Paul's 2012 speaking tour" before it even got started. That's how clear his vision was. It took most of us here until the end of the campaign to catch up with that.

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I like Ernest Hancock too. He is a very good guy, and really



Two original Revolution

Two original Revolution March'rs spreading the word in the media.

Good show.