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America First: A Case for Bringing All Our Troops Home


If our Government really believes that terrorists are trying to use a WMD against America, why won't we secure our border?

We have the resources to secure the border. Our border is just under 20,000 miles long including coastlines, Hawaii, and Alaska. We have over 1,000,000 troops deployed all over the world. Bringing home these troops we would have 1,000,000 soldiers to cover 20,000 miles of territory. This means that we could have an armed soldier every 105 feet of the border, effectively stopping illegal immigration, drug importation, and neutralizing the threat of a terrorist bringing in WMD's.

I agree with the Hag, America first. I think this is an idea that could become popular with conservatives and tax payers. It makes me cringe to think that my tax dollars could be buying weapons that murder children overseas. This seems like an easy issue to sell that will hit home to most Americans.

What do you all think?