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Only Days Until "Million Man March" Descends On All 50 State Capitols Feb. 8th

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkewG27HrrY

EDITOR'S NOTE: I produced this episode, and the last one, with a
Samsung Galaxy 7-inch tablet and Youtube's video editor. And I did it
like a BOSS! "Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome" Baby! If I have to, I'll
WALK to Lansing with a sandwich board around my neck. If they want to
stop me, they're gonna have to shoot me.

Alpena Mi - I got up at 0700 after only an hour of fitful sleep and traveled 120 miles to the only open spot in a concealed weapon licensing class - The only reason I got in at all was because I "know a guy", as CPL classes in Michigan are booked solid for at least two months - and spent the entire day brushing up on the law; taking written exams to prove I knew it, and then spending another three hours qualifying on the gun range for my Michigan Concealed Pistol License.

My classmates ranged from an older (about 70) 1st MarDiv Marine to a young couple in their early 20's. We were all there for one purpose; to be certified to carry a concealed pistol in Michigan. But why?

Northern Michigan is a beautiful place, and it is also a place where folks stop to help you back out of the snow drift that suddenly jumped out in front of you (me), where the owner of a LOCAL tire store drives your wife and son (mine) back to the car they had abandoned when the tire blew, puts on a used tire for them and charges only $30, and where most people don't even lock their doors unless they are leaving town for an extended trip. Every now and then a snowmobile will get stolen, or someone will get busted for drugs, petty theft, or shoplifting; but by and large there is not much in the way of violent crime here.

I can't say why, other than a general desire for personal protection, the others were there; but after the world intruded on our little paradise in the form of threats of my murder and the rape of my wife simply for something I said, there is no way I can NOT carry a gun. I RESENT having to carry a gun up here, it's totally cheesing my calm; but I refuse to be a victim or to allow my family to be anyone's victims either. Until the people who made these threats are in jail, I will be forced to carry a gun for our protection.

Since the government has no interest in tracking down and prosecuting those who have made threats against not only me, but every NRA member, Tea Partier, and Republican - basically anyone who isn't all up on Obama's jock - in the United States; OR in allowing us to defend ourselves, it is up to every free man, woman and child to take up that responsibility themselves.

Part of that responsibility is standing up to protect our God-given rights as enumerated in the Constitution, and thousand of Michigan gun owners are going to join me on the capitol steps in Lansing this Friday, Feb. 8th. Even more exciting is the fact that this Open Carry demonstration is going to take place simultaneously in each of the fifty states, and with one voice we are going to say, "No More! No more blaming an entire culture for the horrific acts of of a few deranged DEMOCRATS as an excuse to limit access to guns, or take them away entirely. No more stupid, unconstitutional laws that are passed without even being read by those who vote on them. NO MORE!"

Now that Obama has been reelected he is going to pull out all of the stops in order institute a demonically inspired, Communistic Tyranny.on these fifty individual, free, and Sovereign states. Not one to shy away from doing whatever the hell he pleases through the use of Executive Orders, you all can expect one to gut the Second Amendment any time.

Please read the rest at http://bobpowell.blogspot.com/2013/02/only-few-days-left.html

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Good luck

With the protest.


and the tyranny will STOP...

...once the legislators see the "sea of people marching", and especially when they go back and crunch the numbers, and determine only a single-digit minority showed up; same as at the ballot box.

Rally after rally after rally after rally...and things have only gotten WORSE!!!

Same results for Christian K-Street pro-family lobbyists and talk radio who suck money from unsuspecting Christian conservatives, and abortion and homosexuality are PUBLIC POLICY like never before.

We best GUARD, and spend wisely our dwindling resources! Our Time, Talent, and Treasures applied WISELY - with a PURE heart towards God and our posterity - could change this country, and bring judgement upon EVIL!

God raised up Ron Paul, Ron Paul gave us a message - heed the message, and consider well the PROPER and profitable course of action to effect an actual change.

If you have the disposable income to attend, then do so; but, work on the ONLY path to Liberty short of civil war; Statesmen need to replace Statists in representative government - flag waving, filling the mall in Washington D.C., changes NOTHING!

I'm torn on the benefits of EXPENSIVE rallies and conferences! "illusion of freedom" comes to mind. More people should speak face-to-face; so, smaller get-togethers; sharing information with speakers, Q & A, that is more profitable....but we need solutions, not just an emotional charge.

Wearing a gun everywhere you go is a good thing.

You are protecting more than just yourself when you do this.

Criminals these days are REPEAT criminals. Many who are violent do it again and again precisely because they get away with it with just a slap on the wrist.

I wish there was a movement to walk the streets openly displaying rifles and shotguns.

I wish more people would at least carry a handgun like me.

I don't trust those who carry guns to make a living off of it (professional cops).

I prefer to see regular people displaying their own defensive measures openly and concealed.

There is nothing more reassuring than sitting down next to a nice stranger, starting up a talk about guns with them and then finding out that you are both packing concealed heat.

This is much more reassuring than a gang of 5-10 uniformed cops barging into a restaurant being loud and proud and acting as if they are the bogus "thin blue line" between you and certain death.

I have no use for those who tax me at the point of a gun when I have already provided for my own defense, thank you.