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How "Right to Work" Idaho Wages Compare With Average


"State law requires a study and report to the governor and Legislature each year on how Idaho’s state employee compensation stacks up compared to the market. The result this year: Idaho’s classified employee salaries are 18.9 percent below market. That’s compared to comparable jobs in both the public and private sector. Furthermore, Idaho’s state employee pay is 10.7 percent below eight surrounding states, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Washington and Wyoming."

Understand that here in Idaho, having a State job is considered a really good job. "Right to work" means that things like seniority and experience are trumped by a job market flooded with people willing to do your job for a lot less than you do it. When annual review time rolls around, everyone takes their peanuts wages and keeps their mouth shut.

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and the cost of living

and the cost of living reflects this... as I live in an area with more conservative leanings, our cost of living is lower. We have lower unemployment than most places.. one man in my quaker service actually came here because unemployment is lower here, than in Oregon. The cost of living is cheaper here. Springfield Missouri... higher wages means higher prices... means lower levels of prosperity for everyone.

where's the money?

The price on absolutely everything is rising while Union membership is declining. Where's the savings? I think of Detroit in the 80's during major automation upgrades and the thousands of jobs lost. Cars didnt get any cheaper and Detroit,...we all know what happened there.

I feel as though if you dont want to fight for a 40 hour work week, overtime, insurance, protected pension and workplace safety, then whats the point of fighting for liberty? We will all be like the Chinese, exploited and lucky to have a job. Keep your mouth shut if you want to work. Now isnt that Just fitting to what the government wants? Mouths shut.

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Thanks for posting.

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There are practically

zero unions in Tx besides the teachers union, and sure electrical workers, plumbers, pipe fitters etc get paid a little less, but as a result the cost of living is drastically lower than lets say... Illinois.

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Leftist newspaper

publishes anti liberty agi-prop - what a surprise.

The people who leave these awful low paying jobs do so to retire (symptom of poverty?) or find higher paying jobs - sounds like a healthy job market.

Markets are PEOPLE making voluntary choices that are based on their personal needs and valuations. Then govt gets involved.

To regulate markets - you have to regulate the freedom of people. IT IS JUST THAT SIMPLE.


Liberty = Responsibility

State employees.

For every one that works and gets something done how many of them get paid to sit on their duffs?

When I was a kid in high school I could go out and find a labouring job for $8/hour. That same job today, decades later gets you the same $8/hour. This is Arizona, there's a lot of competition for jobs. Don't tell me they can't find government workers cheaper.

I'd sit on my duff for $5/hour.

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What about unemployment. This

What about unemployment. This should be a factor. According to some stats, it is better than average. I would rather be working for a lower wage instead of collecting unemployment checks.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

Yeah, me too, but there's more to be made by not working

I recently heard a presentation of the value of the social safety net to those who qualify: around $50,000 per year.

It pays a lot better to sit on your duff than to hump your butt for $8 per hour.

People, even uneducated people, can do the math. Gee...if they work, they can't get the freebies. If they work, they live in abject poverty.

"Right to work" means that things like

seniority and experience are trumped by a job market flooded with people willing to do your job for a lot less than you do it.

if someone with half the experience can do your job for half the price, maybe you were overpaid.

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Wrong, right to work means

Wrong, right to work means you can work in your chosen field without being forced to join a union. I myself am a union worker...but since I live in a right to work state, I can freely choose to work for a union or not in my particular field...if I choose to not work in the union I am not forced to pay union dues and can solicit my own work as opposed to depending on the union to find it for me. I chose to voluntarily join the union simply because the temporary nature of the union work suits me better...allowing me a more flexible schedule. I do side jobs(non union) in another field between union jobs.

The Union aspect is what gets all the attention

but there is "blowback" - blowback that screws all employees, at least in Idaho.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

i am not debating

definitions. i understand what "right to work" means.

it's the idea "i've been doing a half ass job for 25 years, i deserve to do so until i retire" that i took exception to.

when the over paid, under producing unions stop sucking up my unemployment tax money they can feel free to over price their labor to their hearts content. i'm tired of paying for half a year vacation for those that are priced too high to work year round.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Who gave you that idea?

"i've been doing a half ass job for 25 years, i deserve to do so until i retire" that i took exception to.

I said seniority and experience. Sticking with a company through the good times and bad used to make you "like family." Now, it does not matter. Experience meant you knew how to run things the way that company ran it, now they are willing to train newbies to cut expenses this quarter. This is not a defense of Unions, it is the reality of right to work. There was a time that you only got "seniority" because you did a good job, unions screwed up that side of the equation. Right to work does not fix that, it just screws up the other side.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Welcome to the global

Welcome to the global economy. Chinese people would work twice our shifts for our pay. Anyhow... I currently work for a machine shop. I started not even know how to use a tape measure... well its been about a month and yeah ill admit that those people working for 30 years know alot of stuff... little tricks and little quirks that make them faster. Give me a year or two and ill be close to as fast as them. Why.. would we keep paying for expensive old men.. when I will do 7/8 of their job in a 2 year window. That is called economic loss. Of course other factors play in for wages such as loyalty. Ill be moved out of Missouri in 2 years and no where close to these employers. However, that doesnt change that im worth 12k a year and they are worth 40k. What a waste of money

Government Unions gave me that idea

"just doing my job" is an excuse for not doing the job.

During the campaign.. I sent boxes of Ron Paul campaign material to another district leader. Cost $85.00. The post office "lost the packages". They sent the packing slips to me as "proof". So I had to file a form, and then waited 4 months, until after the election was over, to be refunded for packages I'm sure they trashed.

I could go on and on about government union jobs that don't work but these folks get paid better than most corporate jobs.

Our city has a manager.. earns $136K annually for writing a column in our local paper to inform us how they are dismantling the Constitution.

my years dealing with union companies

such as Trane and American Standard as a non union supplier gave me that idea. my buddies in the operating engineers union gave me that idea. my neighbor in the iron workers union gave me that idea. my buddy in the teamsters gave me that idea.

unions are protected from competing with me and they're protected by my OWN tax dollars. if they need not compete with me, than they should be forced to provide their own separate unemployment benefits. let the six month a year workers support each other.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul