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The Power to Tax Will Not Only Destroy the Economy, It will Cause the US Government With the Federal Reserve to Self Destruct

These actions I see will cause the Federal Government in Washington and the Federal Reserve Bank to self destruct imploding like the old Soviet Union. They cannot afford the wars for the banks and Israel. They cannot afford to fund the bases overseas. This foreign policy of full spectrum of dominance is unsustainable. This bloated bureaucracy at home that does not produce wealth or a product, but only sucks the lifeblood out of the economy cannot pay for itself. Washington politics instead of cutting back on government spending and no more borrowing to fund it operations. They raise taxes on the poor people by inflation or more taken out of their paychecks.

All this will take money out of the real economy where people buy goods and services. Instead if this money being spent on people buying products. This money is being sent to the government to be squandered and being used against the people. More people will lose their jobs, businesses will close their doors because they cannot afford the high taxes and compliance with counter productive rules and regulations imposed by government. So where is the government going to get the funding to sustain itself when there are no more producers to parasite from?

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all taxation is premised upon anti-voluntary coercion and should be abolished.

New political Party likewise advocating such abolition found here

Truth...though not the best

Truth...though not the best writing(too many grammatical errors). On another note..what part of DP Original do you not understand? If you are linking to another article its not DP Original(unless you are using those links to support what you are writing here).