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Obama To Fire Military Leaders That Won't Kill Americans


Remember; ANYONE coming into your house/property to take your Guns when you have done nothing wrong, is a CRIMINAL and how would you treat a Criminal coming into your house to steal from you and likely to do harm to you and/or your Family?
I say, wake up America and Do Not let the gun grabbing EVER happen again as it did in New Orleans, after Katrina.
You stand and fight!!! If you know what I mean.

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If Obama knows anything about history, he should know...

anyone who would betray US will betray HIM.

That is also why his purge of the Secret Service will not work.

This is nothing more than

This is nothing more than rumor. Oath Keepers have been checking on this, and they still all have connections, it can't be verified. The military has been asking their members since the 70s if they would fire on citizens. Its not an unusual question to be asked. The report that Obama is dismissing officers who answer no to that question is nothing more than rumor. It can't be substantiated, so Caveat Emptor.

Blessings )o(

It can't be substantiated that, it isn't happening either.

obama can NEVER be trusted EVER! He has been overstepping his authority unlike any (so-called) President in History.
What the American people should take from this is; it very well could be true and we should all treat it as true (until we know for sure to the contrary) for our own protection.
I'm not saying we should act paranoid, I'm saying the American people should get prepared for war against us and start/continue to prepare like no time in history since the American Revolution.
Better to be prepared than, wish we had.