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Chris Kyle, "deadlest sniper" now dead


Is anyone else sick of military personnel being referred to as "warriors" ???

The Iraqis and the Afghanis didn't put up any real organized military resistance when America invaded. So America sent its kids over to poor countries to kill poor people that were doing what any person who loves their country would do if foreigners invaded it - resist!

Also, you know what makes me sick? This constant intoning that our soldiers "sacrifice so much for this country" and are "defending our freedoms."

Firstly, if you lose your life, mind, or any appendage in war, you certainly sacrificed, but not for the betterment of Americans. The military contractors and their representational whores in DC made money off of your stupidity and naivete. Should Americans celebrate your military service? It's a source of shame and embarrassment that we let this happen to our countrymen.

Secondly, which of our freedoms are under attack, and by whom? Did the Iraqis dream up the Federal Reserve system? Did the Afghanis come up with the Patriot Act or NDAA? Do the militant 6 yr olds in Norther Pakistan dream of making Americans debt slaves to China and keeping them in unwinnable wars until they destroy themselves?

9/11 is the cause of a lot of the jingoism in America today. The adoration, adulation, and deference paid to American servicemen comes from a sense of fear and a desire for security after the psychological wound was dealt.

Beyond this, it seems as though Americans hold some collective guilt over how they treated returning Vietnam vets. They want to makeup for it by paying undue respect to vets, and making sure they feel appreciated.

The whole thing is beyond the pale. As long as Americans continue to worship the military more dumb young people, who don't know a lick of actual history, will sign up to serve Uncle Sam. What a pitiful joke.

So now I'd like to thank everyone here who hasn't served in the military. Thank you for not serving the empire's army. Thanks for not getting yourself killed needlessly. Thanks for loving yourself, your family and your country more than you desire "glory" and "honor."

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*bows*You're welcome. I


You're welcome. I serve in the militia, but I would never turn myself into a state-sponsored murderer so I could come home and do a tour about what a fucking mess my life is because of the children I blew to pieces.

It would be nice if our troops would wake the hell up and realize who is actually attacking American liberty and destroying our freedom.

It would be nice if they would point all those weapons at DC and the UN and say: "Get the hell off of our land."

However they wont... they'll keep serving the money masters, slaughtering innocents, and then blowing their brains out in misery a few years down the road, high on psycotropes.

Sadly the things you do when you are young and stupid and believing the lie cannot be undone, and sorry does not cut it. I feel sorry for those who serve and wake up to the horrors of truth. However if they want to atone, they should stop blowing their own brains out, and start aiming those guns at the source.

Agree with you whole heartedly,

and you are brave to state it. But, you are up against a sophisticated, well (tax payer) funded propaganda Machine.
Hell, seen how sexy Katie Perry is when she's whoring for the military?

Your right

the military has an omnipresence, especially in the entertainment industry with Hollywood, celebs and pro sports, not to mention the military worship in churches, schools and universities.

The media has the power to saturate the message of jingoism. I haven't seen the Katie Perry sexing it up for the military, but I don't doubt it as whores are staples of the military experience.

Long ago, when the founders were debating the Constitution, some skeptics took exception to the standing army it authorized. Here is one such man, the famed Anti-Federalist Brutus forecasting the threats posed to liberty by the military (and perhaps the MIC),

"The liberties of the people are in danger from a large standing army, not only because the rulers may employ them for the purpose of supporting themselves in any usurpations of power, which they may see proper to exercise; but there is great hazard, that an army will subvert the forms of the government, under whose authority they are raised, and establish one [rule] according to the pleasure of their leaders.


It is not really warrior like or heroic to take on third world peasants with tanks, drones, and bombs. Also Afghanistan is now the longest war in American History, What does it say about us that we have spent all this time over there with no clear goal and still can't beat the peasants of a tribal country.

It is

the language of tribes to speak of those tribal members who fight other tribes as "warriors."

Isn't it crazy that we invade a country of illiterate farmers, who have no idea where our country is on a map, have no idea who our leaders are, or who we are for that matter. They also don't know 9/11 happened because they are a primitive and backwards people who aren't plugged into 24 hour newscasts.

We call them barbarians or savages because of their lack of knowledge and technology, while we reign down upon them hellfire missiles triggered by acne faced gov't videogamers in air conditioned trailers. Savages? Barbarians? Who is really being savage in this scenario?

And you got it: there is nothing heroic about killing impoverished peasant people with state-of-the-art death machines. One of our greatest evils is that we've come to support issuing terror in the form of total war upon the innocent. We did not differentiate between Saddam and the Iraqi people, which gave us the needed latitude to act with moral impunity while we slaughtered them.

In Afghanistan they resist. And if you and I were Afghani, would we even have a tenth of courage to resist too?