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(VIDEO) Super Bowl Security Behind the Scenes w the FBI

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The only one..

This is the ONLY stuperbowl post I have seen today that I am actually interested in clicking on - wish it was youtube! :) Scary stuff!!

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Humanely Propelled Cheer-leaders!

This year's Superbowl is indoors. At New Orleans, the Superbowl will not be seen by blimp surveillance, military jet fly-over, nor rockets red glare. Those are outdoor activities. What is going on outside?

Here is a more humane way to treat folks. Suitable for indoor rough-housing. The only Co-Ed Cheer-leading Squad of the NFL. Please enjoy the circus.

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Gettting America used to the police state.

I found this very unsettling. This is completely inappropriate having all this security at a football game. So why is it happening?

Create the problem via media psyop.
The American people are the problem; they are armed, crazy, dangerous and kill children.
Solution - the police state to protect us from each other.

This does not feel right to anyone. The media even looks thrown off. This looks too much like other communist countries. Maybe the media idiots playing psyop with the nation are getting the idea.


I think that is so over the top.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Disgusting..that armored

Disgusting..that armored vehicle with "Homeland Security" on it? Wow..utter shock full force police state can't wait for the feds fiat money supply to collapse and take down all their funding.


When the reporter asked the officer about the military truck I liked his response. It is the same response I say when asked about the need for military style weapons