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Your solution to access to water

Would be to drag Canada into the mess of our own creating?

I think you're wrong about

I think you're wrong about Virginia. NorVA would go with the northeast socialist states but the rest of the state would definitely go with the south.

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The link is not working for me.

There has been talk about splitting California sort of down in middle. One state would be the left coast and Los Angeles. The other would be inland.

Dont forget military centers

Find concentrations and synergies of military power and culture.

California/Nevada (Navy and AF)
Texas (AF, space and Infantry)
Colorado/Nebraska (CC,AF)
Virginia/Kentucky (generals, CC and infantry, Navy)
Florida/Alabama (Navy, infantry)


I think the FEMA regions are top-down bunk. I think if you had breaking apart it would be 3-4 pieces plus some outliers-- Virginia is an irresistable military force. AK doesnt need continent. HI doesnt need continent. NY, CA and TX have spheres of influence.

There's a book on this:

The Founding Fathers Had a Better Idea.

Much better is federal government limited to constitutional restraints. All these maps have so many flaws. Neighboring states do not necessarily have common beliefs.

In Indiana, we have little in common with our neighboring near bankrupt, gun banning state of Illinois, nor the union run states of OH and MI. We have a little in common with our southern neighbor KY, but would be more ideologically aligned with AK than any other state.

Look at the northeast, the free state of NH has little in common with the Peoples Republic of VT.

In the southwest, NM and AZ seem so much different.

With separate countries, when I drove from IN to CA to visit my brother, I would require a passport along with several tourist visa approvals and be subject to several border crossing inspections with all the different laws.

The founding fathers envisioned the best form of government for an expanding US, a federal government with very limited powers and states united under the US constitution. Let's make it that way again.

I think it would

look like the conservative states kickout out all the liberals, so most of america would stay together, but the northeast would be a new country and the west coast would be a new country, alaska would probably become a nation unto themselves. Ideologically the south and the mid west are pretty similar so I would imagine at least 26 or 27 of the states staying together. It would be pretty funny if the country split apart and virginia and maryland were in the same new country together but the new country refused to make washington dc the capital because it is too corrupt.


I've done this, probably 10 different times. America really is a beautiful place. Each city and region has so much character. It's fun to imagine it all standing on its own. Helena is Helena, is it better off with Spokane or Cheyenne? St. Louis? Better with New Orleans, or Chicago?

Birmingham, better with Atlanta, or Nashville?

Any way, here are a couple attempts I've made:


Perhaps we just aleviate the central tyranny...

...and try something new. Why do geographic areas need to be united with some type of governing body. Why can't people just be free? We live in a 'globalized world' now right? We do not rely on our neighbors necessarily for anything anymore. So why do we have to 'belong' to any of it? If we go to a place to do business why not simply sign a contract with them? We can pay gas tax to continue to maintain our transportation infrastructure. We pay our utility bills to maintain that infrastructure. We can pay for the education of our children independently. Can't we just forgo the institutionalized 'government'? If a person wants that type of service (collective murder of different colors and cultures that will very soon come back to haunt them, 24-7 surveillance apparatus, robbing the working poor to feed the super rich and enslave the super poor) than by all means one can participate voluntarily in that kind of system. But a consensus would be really good just 'not' to have.

By the way, where is the bright yellow area going to get there water? Colorado should be the only independent state in your map. They grow everything and have more water than they know what to do with, without the bright yellow area taking it, that is.

Oh no

Please don't group Missouri with that lot. lol

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I spent a lot of time

I spent a lot of time thinking about Missouri - As much as I wouldn't want to be work with Chicago, I'm not sure if I would want to work with Arkansas either.

From a video game

That looks similar to a map from Fallout or something.

never played it, but found it

Very small countries


13 commonwealths - kinda keeps with the theme of 13 colonies/states

I thought about splitting northern cal from the southern like the game does.

Never seen that before

That must be Fallout's pre-SHTF map, because the few borders that do exist in the west coast are a lot different in the games.

Yeah yeah, I'm a nerd for knowing that. :<

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