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The Mother of All Conspiracy Theories

I don't have one.

But I know this, if ANY conspiracy theory is true, it involves someone in a position of public trust intentionally misleading the public.

I don't know about you, but I believe that God gave man free will, I believe that God DIED so that man could be judged, and that He intends to judge us according to our deeds. That's not a comprehensive theology, just little pickins off of the tree of truth.

When you take it upon yourself to withdraw from the public their right to know and make choices for themselves. When you decide that your little cabal should have power, not the people, YOU ARE DECLARING REBELLION AGAINST GOD.

So, if you're a cable news anchor, and you get a talking point: hey, we're supposed to push gun control. Hey, push the Patriot Act. DON'T talk about the NDAA.

If you're a politician, local, national, whatever, and you're approached: hey, look the other way when we put this in the water, hey don't include such and such in your report, hey, I don't care how, take her kid away, just shut that anti-environment woman up. Etc. Etc.

If you're a cop, and you hear: hey, don't release this evidence to the public, trust us.

I don't care the reason, for career advancement, fear for family, or most insidiously, devotion to unrighteous and alien ideologies, those alchemical traditions, the secret mystery schools, this idea that you're a little sick bastard and you're going to get special power or privilege, here or hereafter, because you're participating in some little club:

Hey, guess what, YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!!!

So, that's the point of my post. Abusing the public trust is as far as I can reckon it direct rebellion against God, and you GO TO HELL for it.

We need to spread this idea around. If you keep information from the public, lie, abuse, or are corrupt. You are going to hell.

So, I'm sure you're real worried about your career, or, maybe you're real intimidated by some thug. Guess what, here's your choice: hell, or not.

This is what we need to shove into their faces.

Hey, humans can err, they can be misinformed, or misguided. But to know, and lie, to attempt to dominate other people. Hell. Sorry, doesn't bother me, I'm not worried too much about ending up there, not like you should be. Oh, children getting raped, look the other way? Hell.

And I'm not even that religious, but we're at that point now where someone needs to say: Chris Wallace, who is telling you to pump gun control, because you're either a complete ignoramus, or you better have more concern for your immortal soul.

The Gods don't reside in Washington.

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The problem is,

many do not believe in a hell, and most religions are based around the idea of "repent and tho shall be forgiven." So if someone is placed in a position of public trust and they lie / misinform the public, or loot the public treasury, they either don't care what happens to them if they don't believe in hell, and those who do just pray. One of my frustrations with Christianity.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James