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God made a farmer-Dodge ad


Fantastic ad by dodge during the Super Bowl that reminded me of our agrarian roots.

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"God made a farmer" ad - K, we fixed it!



They could also make one targeting the Corp. farms

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Ford Trucks

...must be only for heathens.

Permaculture, aquaponics... the 9th day?

While the corporate farm pictured is what most people envision when they think "farm" a few of us farmers found Sepp Holzer and Murray Hallem. Now we plan to make farming a lot easier.

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What a bunch of crap.

I live on a personal family farm and this commercial is full of it. I don't know when Paul Harvey read that piece but it was stupid. IF it was Paul Harvey?

In the end we will return to an agricultural society and it will be nothing like the corporate farm portrayed in this commercial.

I agree on the 'video', but I

I agree on the 'video', but I didn't mind the actual words said in the speech. It's the pictures of 'corporate farms' that you mention that bothered me. The 'farm' painted by the text in the speech is NOTHING like what the video is implying. I know plenty of 'mega farmers' and 'mass feed lot' farmers who've been sharing this video like crazy on Facebook... My early childhood was spent on a family cattle farm(with little land), not one of the 'machines' that for the most part make poison(High Fructose Corn Syrup and Corn Fed beef abound).

It's both for me.

The corporate farm portrayed in the video as well as the speech. Sure it was cute and all but it was stupid because Adam was created on the sixth day and was caretaker of the garden. Why create another caretaker on the nonexistent 8th. It's just dumb. And it is another small example of how Scripture is twisted and tainted for gain, not only for Chrysler but for Paul Harvey too.

My Point Exactly

I love Paul Harvey but the commercial was in no way connected to him or his message.


Is working that hard day and

Is working that hard day and night every single day supposed to be a good thing? We would not have the ability to produce plenty for everyone doing it the old way and without the use of modern machinery and technology.There is no need for anyone to bust their ass day and night.What we need is to stop the corporations from poisoning our food and our government from stealing and then we will have better health,more abundance and more time to enjoy life.Unfortunately you will not see an "End The FED AND IRS" or a "end Monsanto" commercial.

I saw this ad at the bar ..

And the reaction from those surrounding me was not encouraging.

It seemed like the whole place was annoyed.

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That is to be expected

when the word God is mentioned in a commercial it tends not to be popular at bars.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

I loved it.

It really took me back to the good old days of my youth. Of course then they closed it otu with the truck sitting in front of a hog confinement, and totally ruined it all. Ten again 99% of folks have no idea what a hog confinement is, so no one will really notice. No real farmers (The ones portrayed in the commercial) can afford a new dodge though, they are all driving an early 90's model Ford F-150 witht he inline six cylinder motor; those things just don't quit.

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Obviously God

Had never been to a factory farm where the animals suffer horrible treatment cruelty and sickness. Then, death!


oh please

look where your clothes and phones are made, slave labor China - hypocritical

The ad is about people, not corporations. I have friends that are farmers the work unbelievably hard.

How would you like to be a dairy farmer that MUST milk twice a day, every day, can't take a vacation or go to a night out. Please......

I Worked In a Dairy

I DID milk cows twice a day and I am NOT a hypocrite. I lived on a farm and there is a BIG difference between factory farming and farming. The stuff they showed on that video was BIG farming and it was not the kind of farms everyone thinks of as "farms" I hate it when people get this idea of what farms are about but don't really KNOW about it. Go watch FOODINC or FARMAGGEDON and then post. I have lived in the country before and I KNOW how BOTH farms work. I can't BELIEVE you are holding up for a stupid commercial on the STUPER BOWL put out by a CORPORATION that closed all of the family owned and operated dealerships putting tens of thousands of people out of work across the country while leaving only the CORPORATE owned ones. So who's the hypocrite? And it IS about corporations. Oh BTW, Chrysler was BAILED OUT. DUH! Or is it that you are insulted that I would mention GOD in a post in a less than perfect light? Is this the Daily Paul? Seems like it's becoming the Daily Jesus. I don't dislike Paul Harvey and his message I RESENT THE HELL out of a big corrupt corporation like Chrysler trying to exploit it so get off your "hypocrite" BS!


Chrysler LLC

The ad is about Chrysler, an Italian-owned corporation, attempting to win the high ground with hard working Americans.

No altruism, faith or patriotism. They want to you buy a Dodge and sign on for monthly payments, the higher the interest the better.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo


Dodge/Chrysler does not have their own captive financing arm, so the interest charged is a non-factor, most loans go through Ally and other independent banks.

and Chrysler

gets a Spiff / kickback.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo


Most deals are actually subsidized by Chrysler to Ally Bank for special rates ie 0% loans

Moving metal / buying mkt share

They want the service and parts recurring revenue.

Either way, nothing to do with farmers or God. As a presentation: powerful imagery and story line.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Did god also make monsanto?

Did god also make monsanto? Too bad "farmers" make up such a small portion of the market. Dodge confused me with this ad and its total fakeness. Yes Im a Ford guy.


Im Ford guy too and big anti-GMO as well but this commercial is about people not corporations.

"this commercial is about people"?

I hate to break the news to you... This commercial is about selling trucks.

my fav

Did like the Bud Commercial too, but the rest same old crap.

Good recording.Fake

Good recording.
Fake commercial with more fakeness on top, though.

Southern Agrarian

Reminds me a bit of the

Reminds me a bit of the values Jefferson attributed to an agrarian society and the need to maintain those values for a free society to exist.

Reminds me a bit of the

Reminds me a bit of the values Jefferson attributed to an agrarian society and the need to maintain those values for a free society to exist.