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Obama's (tax-payers) sponsored terrorists on the run in Syria

(SANA)- A unit of the Armed Forces on Saturday stormed a terrorists' hideout in al-Hosen town in Talkalakh countryside in Homs and destroyed the weapons and ammunition in it.

An official source told SANA reporter that the hideout was completely destroyed, killing and injuring all terrorists in it.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that a terrorists' hideout was destroyed near al-Hosn town, adding that the army also destroyed terrorists' hideouts near Jandar town and killed scores of the terrorists.

The Armed Forces targeted terrorists' hideout between the towns of KifrAya and Jubar, killing scores of terrorists and destroying vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns.

In al-Rastan city, scores of terrorists were killed or injured near al-Sarweesh gas station.

The authorities confiscated 5 vehicles loaded with stolen petroleum set to be smuggled outside the country in Abu Rabah area east of Homs.

The source added that the Engineering Units on Sunday foiled terrorists' attempt to detonate 3 explosive devices which were planted near al-Nasiriya hill, west of Kamhaneh Town in Hama countryside.

The source pointed out that each device weighs 35 kg as they were to be detonated remotely.

Large Number of Terrorists Killed in Various Areas in Damascus Countryside

In the framework of continuing the pursuit of the armed terrorist groups in Damascus Countryside, units of the Armed Forces eliminated a number of terrorist leaders and seized amounts of weapons and ammunition they used in their criminal acts in the areas of Tal kurdi, Douma farms, Harasta and al-Zabadani.

An official source told SANA reporter that a vehicle equipped with a heavy machinegun as well as five cars transporting terrorists were destroyed in Tal Kurdi, Douma farms and Hararsta.

The source noted that automatic rifles, various types of machineguns, RPG launchers and sniper rifles were seized in terrorists' dens in the aforementioned areas.

The source added that an army unit dismantled 15 explosive devices planted by terrorists on the road leading to Tal Kurdi. The bombs' weight varied between 25 and 60 kg .

SANA reporter quoted the source as saying that the operations carried out by the army units resulted in eliminating several leaders of terrorist groups which committed brutal acts in eastern Ghouta.

Among the terrorists identified among the killed were Obaida Ma'kiyeh, leader of 'Hamza Battalion', Rateb al-Mdawer, leader of 'Oqba Bin Nafe' Battalion', Yehia Kabkab, leader of a terrorist group from 'al-Islam Brigade' and Othman Othman from 'al-Istishhadiya Battalion'.

Terrorists Assem Abdul-razzaq, Mohammad Aibour, Hamzeh al-Hindi, Jamal Hamzeh, Mehi Eddin al-Khudri and Mohammad Ibrahim al-Khanshour were among the dead.


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