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America's biggest problem is Disappearing Personal Responsibility

With liberty comes personal responsibility and the principle of self reliance. The founders were clear that freedom was meant for responsible people who were accountable for their actions and always faced the the consequences. I notice all too often that personal responsibility is disappearing from our society. A popular thread here reads "Pastor gets waitress fired" and many disagree with me when I say "the waitress got her self fired". I'm making the point that the waitress was responsible for her actions and must face the consequence of those actions. Everyone is quick to find a scapegoat for the problems of those that they feel sympathy.

I see this problem also with what is now being called the "mental illness issue". I believe many times someone is told they are mentally ill but it is really just a scapegoat for a personal weakness. It's easier to blame bad grades on ADD than personal laziness. Then taking a pill to "fix" the illness when the pill can do more harm than the supposed illness itself.

I believe this is a cultural problem that will not go away until many more people believe in the principles of personal responsibility and self reliance.

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