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Anderson Cooper confronted on disappearing nose


Published on Feb 3, 2013

"There is a rumor going around that Anderson Cooper pretended to be at a Sandy Hook funeral and was actually in front of a green/blue screen. Maybe he was and maybe he wasn't but CNN has been guilty of this type of propaganda in the past so one has to wonder if they still do it. You can't see anything because I'm a bad camera man but at least you hear everything. I kind of feel bad about confronting Anderson Cooper at his show but oh well. "

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Just lurking... to check if anyone found our pretty Anderson's

Just lurking... to check if anyone found our pretty Anderson's nose back.



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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

The disappearing nose seems like a red herring...

When I watched this video from start to finish, constantly looking for any digital problems, I couldn't get past the fake responses from the lady being interviewed.

Two weeks ago my uncle passed away in a freak farm accident. This lady is not acting like someone who just lost her little boy. There's just no way.

Most of us believe that our media and news is blatantly manipulated (it is), but if we believe that, we have to understand that things don't always go as planned. This interview came off so bad on this "mother", that the waters had to be muddied. Enter the disappearing nose to distract people from the real problem...the seemingly unnatural responses from this mother who just lost her little boy. The natural response would be to talk about the boy and the good times they shared.

Does anyone know the date of this interview? Was it on the same day as the little boy's funeral?

I'm not really into this whole Sandy Hook shooting because I haven't done enough research. I'm just fairly confident we're being lied to about something, and the event is being used to push an agenda.

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Cooper's nose very likely slipped into the...

5th dimension, for a while.

Kudos to this Matt Mills guy to do this

And good on AJ to pick it up, doing what he does best, exposing MSM.

Anderson Cooper is such a fake.

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asking a question here, so please don't pummel me with downovotes (not that I really care.....;)

Wouldn't the tip of AC's nose have to be green to "disappear?"

I remember when AJ used to make the mistake of wearing something blue in front of the blue curtains at Austin Access TV, and he would be a floating head.

Like this:

I'm still trying to get my head around why they would use a green screen to do this interview, and not just do it in person.

CNN missing a nose? Not to worry. It will grow back again.

Over & over again CNN noses grow... & regrow.

Taking extra time before going on stage, pruning & sheering is what it takes to be in show business. Cuttings & clippings are left on the dressing room & editing room floors.

Why the fuss?

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They can still smell the advertisers' big bucks from miles away, anyway.

CAN'T they?

Not to worry, folks.

They'll be okay.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I Love the DP

I love the DP: somebody always says what needs to be said.

That said, I can't believe this is what we're talking about.

I've already concluded that you can't trust journalists, no matter when they wrote: you've only to look at historians to see that it's always been a less than trustworthy profession.

Either do the research yourself (which, unless you plan to go to Sandy Hook, you might as well go to your own city hall, instead), or focus on greater truths and not specific details, such as "power corrupts," and let it go at that.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

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That's what I love with government-paid propagandists:

That's what I love with government-paid propagandists:

they can be SO GROSSLY LAME (in their performance) !

LMAO ! :))

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I know some CNN/FOX worshipers that......

really need to see this kind of stuff.

Anyone know if there is any websites keeping a video log of these media outcome-based propaganda pieces.

Great stuff for others to see. SHATTER the ILLUSION!


NeVer Trust ANYONE Who Attempts To Disarm YOU!

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What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks


Knowing the tv/film industry very well, I can give some strong background of what is going on. Initially, a friend showed me this video, knowing that I question everything before believing something.

My initial reaction was that it was not a green screen flub. Having used hundreds of green screen sets, this has never happened. A white/tan object opposed to a green backdrop or blue backdrop will not have severe spill to cause that. (Spill is when the backdrop casts its shade of light on the subject; which would have to be significant to cause his nose to become a part of the backdrop since it is not blue or green.) If it was a feathering mistake around the subject (this is kind of the "allowance" for how soft the computer-processed border is around the subject), then several other things would be turning invisible; as feathering encompasses the entire object in chroma keying. (Unless they literally chroma-keyed his nose separate from the rest of his body - but no person in their right mind/professional would ever do that.)

I guessed that it was likely caused by compression. When data is compressed, the least important information is essentially tossed out; while the key bits of data remain the same. This often results in clumping together of certain "unimportant" bits. Since neither subject was walking around or turning constantly, (and since his nose was a similar color to the white pole in the background) it's likely that the nose area would be affected by the compression. Which seemed to be confirmed when the post below showed the HD version of the video; where there is clearly no "disappearing nose."

Also, if my presumption was correct, it would mean that any significant motion, altering the nose+background combination, would actually result in some type of fading/disappearing of that portion of the nose. In other words, this would happen several times, not just once, if it was in fact a compression issue. Sure enough, I watched the highly compressed low-res version of this video, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEjLJFftuKI) and at 0:45 his nose disappears as the man walks down the stairs/woman walks up the stairs, 2:10 - the nose takes the color and curvature of the man's arm/black sleeve as he walks by, and 3:06 "the infamous nose turn" it happens as he turns his head significantly. Remember, a green screen's display is not part of the actual image until it is sent-to-out (the final product sent to output). If it were entirely a green screen video, then motion in the "background" would not affect the subjects ever, because that motion doesn't actually exist; only the output makes it "existent."

As for the shadows, no professional 3-point lighting setup (or better) would ever have visible shadows protruding from the subjects. This is what the "kicker" or "backlight" is for. It provides definition around the subject (mostly the hair) and eliminates shadows cast by the key and fill lights. Being a huge network with a national "reporter" (if you can call him that), it's likely that they had something even better than a 3 point lighting setup.

This is my professional summary of the interview. As much as I'd love for it to be "green screen" as they are so famous for doing, the facts do not lead to that conclusion. They overwhelmingly point to the "disappearances" as compression issues - solidified by the HD video. If you understand television production and technology, it truly does make this whole thing look silly. I will say, do not use this as an example of the media's lies; because in this case, the general public could easily prove you wrong, and attempt to discredit our movement.

I presented this info, as the Daily Paul has some of the most intelligent people on the internet - why? Because they study, research, and learn. You can look into what I said; so don't take my word for it; find out for yourself how green screen's work; so when it is green screen, you're not deceived. Every professional I know can point out a green screen immediately; via TV or Film. It's a very cool skill to have (or a buzzkill while watching movies, lol.)

While you were typing yours

Says much the same thing. Digitizing video and compressing it causes errors.

Bottom Line

The whole Sandy Hook story stinks to high heaven. This person going into the studio and questioning Cooper just lets them know we are not going to be spoon fed their propaganda any more without some serious scrutiny

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain


Yes, it certainly does stink. I also appreciate the principle of what was done by this man; it is good to show them that we won't take their "info" at face value.

My summary was more out of concern that we use the best information/resources possible to confront them going forward; while avoiding pot-holes like this false "nose-disappearing" ordeal.

I don't see any part of his nose or face disappearing

. Strange

Oh ok, i see it on the nose now

for a split second. I found it clearer to see on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx9sJcmzNm4. I still don't see any part of his face disappearing tho.

Oh ok, i see it on the nose now

for a split second. I found it clearer to see on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx9sJcmzNm4. I still don't see any part of his face disappearing tho.

TV Studio Tech opinion.

This is either mediocre green-screen or digitally corrupted video. As an old TV studio tech I clearly see the cropping of the front of Anderson's forehead, but then again I know what to look for. The front of his head clearly becomes a straight line. That is often the case when the backgrounds are similar and the chroma-key overlap is first outlined for overlay. This can occur by green-screen or by resolution shift on the video feed. Remember, exactitude is sacrificed in video by digitizing just as C-D audio is not as perfect as analog. The digitizing errors can occur anywhere in the picture but it sure seems convenient that it just all occurred at his nose and forehead. I watched it several times and because such errors CAN occur in digitized video feed I cannot say for certain that it was done by green-screen or because of errors in digitizing the video feed for transmitting. I would have to see the direct camera feed before digitization and I doubt that CNN would let me have it.

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this "disappearing nose" anomaly came out I studied the video pretty carefully.
With the many advancements they have made in CGI and blue screen tech, I still don't think this was a blue screen interview. The reason I don't, is because the breeze which was blowing slightly in the background that knocked a small cardboard sign down , was also gently moving the lady's hair as well. Do people believe that they had a fan blowing on this lady's hair at the precise time the sign was knocked down? Was AC in the studio and the lady at the church? I find it hard to believe. This seems like a satellite uplink or compression glitch. Besides, WHY would they do something like this? It doesn't seem necessary.
More importantly, there are MUCH more pertinent questions that have arisen out of the "official story" than this.
While I admire this guy's moxy in going and confronting Cooper, I wish he wouldn't have chosen this as his main issue.

I'm all for hyper vigilance in these times of massive deception, but we also have to be very careful of what and who we hitch our wagons to. (so to speak)

BTW, I am not a video technology or CGI expert. I know very little about it and could easily be wrong. I just don't understand WHY they would go through the trouble of doing something like this.

Yeah, they never use fans or special effects along with filming.

Anderson's response seemed pretty desperate. I personally believe that the CRISIS ACTORS are the red herring their running with/ directing this scripted false flag, because that moves directly to their party line of "HOW COULD YOU!?... THOSE POOR FAMILIES". "You don't have the need to know" is the real message people are accepting ....slowly, but surely, boiled alive in lies.

MS Media is at war with the word "TRUTH" ...I know which side I'm on and who pays trolls to eat GMO food at Applebees. HAHAHHAAH. Stay nonviolent brothers......we've learned a lot and will continue to catch up to them until they're cornered in their avalanche of lies. Don't let them win by acting out of desperation.

yes they had a fan blowing

they would take the trouble if they feared they would need multiple takes and wouldn't want witnesses to multiple redo's

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is no doubt in my mind that CNN and the rest of them engage in fakery and massive psy op campaigns. I don't trust AC as far as I could throw him. I still don't understand WHY they would go through the trouble of doing something like this.
My understanding is that this "interview" took place at the candlelight vigil at St.Rose church, not a funeral. I just don't get what the benefit would be.
I could much more easily believe that they were both there and that this "grieving mother" was an actor, before I could make the leap of them faking the interview in front of the church.
Like I stated, I could be wrong. I have no pride invested in any of these arguments. I just think more pertinent questions could have been asked.
What about the reports of multiple suspects?
What about the police radio talking about "multiple long gunS" in the school?
What about the police radio excerpts talking about a purple van with occupants wearing masks?
What about the reports of clergy or nun outfits?
Why did the alleged school nurse change her story about seeing the shooter "eye to eye?"
What about the other witnesses? Where are they? Why are the records sealed?
Why did Lanza drop off the map for the last 3 years? Why did no one know of him on his own street?
What about the most recent report from the DA saying that other people could be involved?
There are SO MANY MORE questions I have other than this blue screen oddity.
Make no mistake. I believe we are not getting the whole story, and most likely are being lied to about certain things. This whole event stinks to high heaven. I am GLAD that people are looking at this event and cataloging all of the inconsistencies. I just think there are more damning inconsistencies that they can be hammered with.

Check out the shadow cast at around .32 seconds on the

pink sign behind the lady's head. What's up with that lol.

Edit: Okay it might be a person slightly off screen.. I could see someone in the background for a second.

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One More Attempt At Debunkery

(Sorry about the anger - the CNN video player is driving me crazy! As well as the fact that I now have to waste time debunking this simply because infowars.com can't verify it first.)

This is my last video and/or post on this one. I went ahead and did a NEW video further comparing the conspiracy video with the original HD video. If you agree, you agree, if you don't, you don't but I'm done with this.



Why can't you anyalize the full video rather than

just pick one clip. And his nose was eroded even on your clip. It's hard for me to believe that you can't see that

Yes, you made a good video. This case is closed.

Conspiracy debunked!


So everyone down voted my video showing that Coopers nose was fading out or whatever. So I did another video, this time with the full HD video and focused on his nose. Here's that video;


Secondly, here's the CNN.COM video url for the video in question. The part everyone is seeing is at 3:31. BUT! Make sure to click OPTIONS - then ENABLE HD and watch it in full screen. You will see a very clear difference between this low-quality and perhaps even edited version which is being used to substantiate this bullshit.


I call BS on your pontification

Go to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEjLJFftuKI

Watch in HD like you said

Start watching at 0:42 seconds and about 0:44 when the girl with the red jacket crosses behind coopers nose, it goes transparent. And you can see a red hue around his lips.

The blue/green Screen Background is reflecting on his skin at the edges especially when he turns a certain way. The computer isn't distinguishing between the green/blue on his nose with the green/blue in the back ground.

This isn't ONE occurrence. It happens several times in the full length video.

If you are going to analyze then do it properly. Otherwise you are misleading people.

I agree, people need to pick

I agree, people need to pick their battles..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Here's a higher quality video

Another thing I notice is the people in the background and their long shadows... notice how both of them don't cast a single shadow at any time when they're moving. Someone how though the same light that's causing the girl to leave a really long one doesn't even remotely effect cooper and his guest.


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.