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NDAA Nullification Bill Returns to Arizona

“Where powers are assumed which have not been delegated, a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.” -Thomas Jefferson, Kentucky Resolutions, 1798

Last year, Arizonan’s chance to nullify the NDAA under SB 1182 passed both the house and senate, but was vetoed by a fearful Governor Jan Brewer.

That’s right, Arizonans and patriots around the country flooded the house, senate, and all their contacts with the information on the tyrannical NDAA, and courageously pushed its passage within the senate and house, only to be vetoed by Gov. Brewer, who was obviously fearful of slashes to funding and repercussions from the Feds.

This year, with continued help and action from the Tenth Amendment Center, Arizona has another chance to completely nullify the NDAA, just by contacting the same co-sponsors who passed the legislation last year.

The difference of course is that there is even more fire behind the push for NDAA Nullification, not just in Arizona, but around the country, especially with renewed threats against Gun Rights.

Additionally, the Tenth Amendment Center’s revision of the Liberty Preservation Act fits Gov. Brewer’s specified objections to SB 1182, leaving her no scapegoat for vetoing a bill simply echoing the Bill of Rights.


LINK: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2013/02/04/ndaa-nullification-...

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Good news.


Especially considering it

Especially considering it already passed once but was vetoed by Gov. brewer, just needs more fire behind it, which it definitely has now.

Living Not Surviving


Would also love any great

Would also love any great nullification quotes anyone has to offer.

Living Not Surviving


Taken from Tenth Amendment

Taken from Tenth Amendment Center and link:

Representatives to call who voted yes on SB 1182 for NDAA Nullification in Arizona that are in-office:

LD1 Karen Fann (602) 926-5874
LD1 Steve Pierce (602) 926-5584
LD1 Andy Tobin (602) 926-5172) (Speaker of the House)
LD5 Doris Goodale (602) 926-5408
LD6 Chester Crandell (602) 926-5409
LD6 Brenda Barton (602) 926-4129
LD8 Frank Pratt (602) 926-5761
LD11 Al Melvin (602) 926-4326
LD11 Steve Smith (602) 926-5685
LD12 Andy Biggs (602) 926-4371
LD12 Eddie Farnsworth (602) 926-5735
LD13 Don Shooter (602) 926-4139
LD13 Steve B. Montenegro (602) 926-5955
LD14 David Gowan (602) 926-3312 (Majority Leader)
LD14 Gail Griffin (602) 926-5895
LD14 David W. Stevens (602) 926-4321
LD15 Nancy Barto (602) 926-5766
LD16 Rich Crandall (602) 926-3020
LD17 Steve Yarbrough (602) 926-5863
LD17 Javan “J.D.” Mesnard (602) 926-4481
LD17 Tom Forese (602) 926-5168
LD18 Bob Robson (602) 926-5549
LD18 John McComish (602) 926-5898
LD18 Jeff Dial (602) 926-5550
LD20 Kimberly Yee (602) 926-3024
LD21 Rick Murphy (602) 926-4444
LD21 Debbie Lesko (602) 926-5413
LD21 Rick Gray (602) 926-5993 (Majority Whip!)
LD22 Phil Lovas (602) 926-3297
LD22 Judy Burges (602) 926-5861
LD23 Michele Reagan (602) 926-5828
LD23 Michelle Ugenti (602) 926-4480
LD23 John Kavanagh (602) 926-5170
LD25 Justin Olson (602) 926-5288
LD25 Justin Pierce (602) 926-5495
LD28 Adam Driggs (602) 926-3016 (Majority Whip)

Governor Brewer Phone:

Phoenix Office: (602) 542-4331 Tucson Office: (520) 628-6580

Living Not Surviving