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End the Illegal Invasions - America is Also a Victim of the NWO

My Thoughts - Standing by and Watching All of this Becomes Increasingly Uncomfortable

We all tend to be left speechless at what this NWO is doing and feeling helpless and angry as well. WHO is calling the shots behind the scene for all this empire building? And who ultimately will run this empire?

Even America is under siege from its own military in the streets and growing police state! This nation has been taken over folks and the conquered nation is about to be disarmed.

Most of humanity wants to live in peaceful cooperation sharing the resources of the planet. We have enough tech knowledge to do without fossil fuels and obtain energy from the sun or the EM field of the planet. We do not need to "empire build" and conquer other nations for their resources. This is an old survival level perspective.

Since the majority of people want peace and cooperation, where do we start to end the insanity taking place globally?

Global Research Article - Illegal Invasions, “Rogue States”, Forgotten Victims

"The usual suspects have embarked on another mass butchery – sorry “training exercise” – in mega-resource-rich Mali, and are meddling, with lethality, in Algeria. The UK, ever keen to kill, has gone from the Prime Minister’s “no boots on the ground” assurances, to “Operation Creep” in barely over a week.

The US, says a spokesman, assesses that “intervention” may “last for years.” He was talking Mali. Think Africa.

The British Embassy in Tripoli has received “credible threats” with the Foreign Office advising against travel to the country, with Westerners facing a “high threat from terrorism.”

Yesterday’s gift of “democracy” to Afghanistan – where US soldiers are being killed with relentless regularity by their Afghan “colleagues” who, of course, they have “trained” – has brought poverty and desperation such that the BBC – usually loyal to a fault to any colonial invasion – is reporting that some families resort to selling one child, in order to gain enough money to feed the others."

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Any ideas?

Even if wildly outlandish. Doing nothing becomes increasingly uncomfortable.