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Panetta- US Will Not Stop Drone Strikes


The US is engaged in a global war on terror, and drone strikes are an effective tool to eliminate Al-Qaeda militants planning terror attacks on America, US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told AFP, adding that drone operations should stay covert.

The US will not curtail its extrajudicial assassinations in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, Panetta said in a farewell interview: “We are in a war. We're in a war on terrorism and we've been in that war since 9/11.”

Thank you RT
DFaubion *OathKeeper*

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-1 vote for NO! NO way, Mr. Panetta!!

Great post, btw, DFaubion. Thank you for alerting us.

Thank you. Just trying to

Thank you. Just trying to keep y'all informed.

Good ol Democrat

Good ol Democrat Imperialists.

Southern Agrarian