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Wish I could connect these two

Most are familiar with Suspicious0bserver and his daily solar reports on youtube. And few are familiar with David LaPoint and his experiments with plasma and bowl magnets.

Pairing these two together I think would greatly enhance the understanding of what's happening with our present climate and create a more total package of future forecast.

David LaPoint explains how the magnetic forces surrounding planets, galaxies and nebulas are actually bowl shape, not the bar magnet theory we've all been taught.

If you watch his 2 (soon to be 3) youtube videos and then watch SuspiciousObserver's daily forecast, I think you'll start seeing the related patterns I'm now observing.

David LaPoint's video: The Primer Fields part 1 (international)

David LaPoint's video: The Primer Fields part 2

David LaPoint's FaceBook page:

SuspiciousObserver's daily for 04Feb13:

SuspiciousObserver's Energy From Space, A Review of Key Facts & Recent Developments video:

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