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Oppose mental health standard for firearms ownership

Capitulation on mental health records being included in firearms ownership background checks should not be tolerated.

First and foremost this grants government access to confidential records that have long been amongst the most sacrosanct of personal lives, our interactions with our doctors. Obamacare already erodes this relationship. To expand it by tying honest and private discussions between patient and doctor to the denial of a protected right will cause a chilling effect between doctors and patients.

Making doctors agents of the state is not acceptable. Making those seeking treatment for their conditions targets of tyranny is not acceptable.

It has been claimed that psychotropic drugs are a contributing factor to mass shootings. Never mind that the same ingredient added to our water to "prevent cavities" is in most anti-depressent and anti-psychotice medicines.

Even those seeking non-pharma solutions to their ailments will be targeted.

Medical Marijuana Card = No Right to Own a Gun

Expect this.

If someone seeks treatment for depression and later recovers, or passes the depressive stage of their life, and tries to obtain a firearm after they have recovered, should they be denied?

The politicians that are so willing to offer up the "mentally ill" as the acceptable compromise must be opposed.

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That should include the NRA.

I agree completely. The prospect of mental health evaluations is far scarier than losing "gun rights."