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Police State Strides Forward

Myles Wilkinson won a fantasy football contest to attend Super Bowl XLVII, but his dreams of going to the big game went up in smoke because of a 1981 pot bust.

According to a story by the CBC, the 50-year Canadian man was denied entry to the United States this week because of a conviction for possession of two grams of marijuana over 30 years ago.

Wilkinson, a Seattle Seahawks fan from Vancouver Island, beat out almost four million other players to win the trip to see the San Francisco 49ers play the Baltimore Ravens. But when he got to the airport on Thursday, U.S. customs agents brought up an arrest the man had when he was 19. They denied him entry to the country and ended any chance of making it down to New Orleans for a memorable weekend.

"I had two grams of cannabis. I paid a $50 fine," Wilkinson told CBC. "I can't believe that this is happening, for something that happened 32 years ago."


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When are we people(society), going to really decide to allow people to "repay their debt to society"?! The more felons that are created, the fewer people we have for gainful employment! It is just a political hack job to continue to manipulate votes and control individuals, for the rest of their lives! In a "Christian" nation, I would expect forgiveness to be complete.
When God judges, He forgives and forgets. Something, us humans can't seem to do!

Although I think trust should earned, it seems as though there is no way for that to happen in our country, now. The poor and/or black members of our society have no way to fix their records, as the "rich and privileged", always seem to do. Just look at the drug arrest statistics!

i guess he was willing to get

i guess he was willing to get molested by the tsa multiple times to see "people in spandex chasing a ball on a field."


The liberty movement strides on too.

Even Captain government Michael Moore has started drawing some intelligent conclusions. Watch the vid for yourself.


Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Good Article

Thanks for posting...

horrible. thanks for posting.

horrible. thanks for posting.

Thanks my friend

Thanks to you and everyone else who posted comments on this thread.

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