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“So is Brian Williams really an idiot, or does he just play one on TV?”

Saw this on the front page of MSN this AM and thought you all might enjoy it, too. Brian Williams admits that he doesn't know what the debt ceiling is...This is just more proof that the "blind are leading the blind" as the talking heads don't even understand what they're blabbing about...in such a knowledgeble tone. If the general public could hear Ben Swann speak, their heads would explode!

"I hadn’t thought of Williams as a lightweight before, which is one reason I was so shocked that he apparently doesn’t know what “the debt ceiling” actually means. I rarely watch the network evening news shows anymore, but when I do, It’s his show that I watch. The CBS and ABC ones seem to have made a concerted effort to play to conservatives, I guess because the audience for these shows these days is so largely white elderly folks."