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Video: Michael Moore Breaks Ranks and Goes Against the Establishment. Explains why school shootings occur

A hit piece on Michael Moore. At least he came to one correct conclusion in his career.

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The danger of Michael Moore

Agreeing with Michael Moore is political suicide for any Republican. All he has to do to draw a vivid line between not-quite-awakened Republicans and the Liberty Movement is to begin agreeing with the aspects of the Liberty Movement that the neocons disagree with. He's a tool, and politics are rough.

I was in Scouts with him our troops competed.

He was top Marksman at summer camp set all kinds of records that stood for years.

True Republicans have a cartoon image that is easy to demonize.

I can say, "I know that guy", he has a good heart, But he thinks government is his friend or his friends friend.

One of the same government that killed someone's friend 220 million times in the last century?

I'll defend his right to free speach and peaceful assembly and all the rest.

But I won't defend a cartoon image. But I might ask how did he verify that most of the alleged hijackers are Saudi. "Why Shortly after the attacks and before the FBI had released the pictures of all the hijackers, several reports appeared claiming that some of the men named as hijackers on 9/11 were alive"?

Such talk is Taboo in many Republican metting rooms, but I've seen Hillary Clinton voodoo dolls with pins complete. I've no reason to tust Ms Clinton but pins are a little rude.

Neverthless I have a question for the room. "What is the proper role of government?"

Free includes debt-free!

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A long video with a dumb conclusion

"Michael Moore is dumb?" That is the whole conclusion of this 12 minute long video? Really?

I'm sorry I wasted my time with it. I'll never get that 12 minutes of my life back. I thought there was actually going to be something of value at the end. Something that lives up to the name, "Success Council"

This stupid name calling makes this whole video dumb. I was just about to put it on the front page, too. But if that is the grand conclusion - I don't want to waste other people's time.

Try again "Success Council." Calling names is dumb.

That makes you dumb for doing it.

How can "Success Council" be so dumb?

Thirty-five year ago my sister worked for Moore.

Forty year ago I was at sumer camp when he won all the NRA Marksman awards.

Mile's big mistake was to think government was the solution. Government created the Fed and the Fed created General motors and the UAW to misdirect the workers from the real enemies in Congress.

But he was dead on to call Shame on GWBush for going to war with Afghanistan.

Mike was not duped into thinking pre-emptive war was less than evil.

Many on the DP can not claim as much.

I suspect that Moore has often posted on the DP.

If I'm right, that's quite a hoot eh!

Freedom is popular, and war is a racket.

Build it and they will come!

You did and we do come. I think you would be surprised if you knew who has commented here besides nobodies like me.

Where else can people go daily to refresh and revitalize Dr. Paul's message.

NHytrom's on the Hill.
..Founded 2007..
Peace Gold Love.

Free includes debt-free!


I wouldn't see it as name calling... more describing what he actually is. I mean if you have to come to a conclusion and you have to define that conclusion in common tongue... well you have to use a word to describe him and his actions.

Besides it wasn't the destination, more the journey of learning all about the corrupt system Americans live under. Just because you happened to already know all that doesn't mean others do.

We always like to try something new with each video...

This time we demonized the big government conclusions with the dumb comment.

I was wondering how it would work. The results have been interesting.From our 35 youtube videos, this video has the highest thumbs up / view ratio.

Thanks to the amazing work from RP, and sites like yours I think the liberty work has picked up the early adaptors and intellectuals. I am noticing we are getting into the masses which is exciting for us and I am noticing a shift to the more playful techniques. Jon Stewart style.

I am willing to talk to the masses the way they want to be spoken to.

Thanks for an amazing site.

I love it and check it every day.
Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

I'm LMFAO...Mich~ael .- ..You Sound Pissed Off

You said dumb at least 6 times - All because you lost 12 minutes of time?


Dumb Song- With Lyrics

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Bump: If the truth comes from a questionable source,...

is it still the truth? The answer is yes.

Oh gods that was

Oh gods that was funny.

BUT... Nystrom is right. We should punish failure and reward success. Moore should be congradulated and showered with praise for getting it right. Perhaps if we give him enough encouragment for doing something right... he'll begin to wake the hell up and start making movies to appeal to the Liberty movement.

Besides, we can call him a fat socialist weasle the next time he decides to make another communist propaganda hit-piece.