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New World Trade Center Building - Great Pics

New World Trade Center Building - Great Pics

A nice tribute to those who sacrificed their lives and futures, with Great photos...especially the one with the moon shot.

New world trade Center Building SPECTACULAR DON'T MISS
Click address at end.

Note: # is picture number.
# 15: as you look at the horizon on the right side of the picture, just short of two inches in, you’ll notice a little pin-point up against the sky—that’s the Empire State Building, all 102 stories of her, approximately some three-plus miles away, looking like no more than a dot against the horizon.

#18: Notice the “GO GIANTS” sign in white paint … a great gesture by these hard-working but still good-humored workers.

# 20: the three bridges on the right—from bottom up—1) the famous Brooklyn Bridge with its gothic arches—when built back in 1898 (I think) was the TALLEST structure in NY!; 2) the Williamsburg Bridge; 3) the Queensboro Bridge.

#23: that little structure you see standing up in the waters on the right—it’s the Statue of Liberty!

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Just curious but

I am extremely afraid of heights myself and seeing some of those photos actually made me nauseous. There is no way I could work on skyscrapers like those construction crew members do. I couldn't even stand to be out on the Empire State Building's observation deck for more than a minute when we visited NYC a few years ago.

I was just wondering if anyone has died during the construction of the new World Trade Center building? I know that a few people died way back when the building of the Empire State Building was going on... just wondering about this new one.

I would be the guy who slipped and fell off a high floor or down an elevator shaft I just know it.

Bless those guys and gals who can work in those conditions and keep them safe!

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Here ya go aerograd.


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