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UK proposes plan to tax air.


"One senior air technician at the Environment Agency said: “Air is natural but, just like water, it is a finite resource that we have to manage sensibly. Water quality and supply improved with privatisation and there is no reason why this should not have the same impact on air. The aim is to allow everyone to enjoy high-quality breathing air.”

For the record, privatization of water has led to the public being charged for water that is packaged in bottles that leach BPA into the water, charges them outrageous fees for what often turns out to be tap water, and creates additional burdens on out landfills. I posted a thread on the Nestle's efforts to corner the water market a while back, and was scoffed at for saying that humans have a right to water. I wonder how you all feel about your right to breathe - do you support privatized air? (How long can you hold your breath?)

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Everything costs something

Including the air we breath. At the very least it costs us the effort to drag it into our lungs. On the other hand, we've all pretty much established an easement on the breathable air in this envelope. Anyone poisoning our supply is guilty of trespass and anyone restricting our access is guilty of attempted homicide.

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