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Breitbart: Rand Paul Responds to Ron Paul: 'Chris Kyle Was a Hero'

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has told Breitbart News exclusively,

“Chris Kyle was a hero like all Americans who don the uniform to defend our country. Our prayers are with his family during this tragic time.”

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See also: Ron Paul TWEETS About SEAL Sniper's Chris Kyle's Death: 'He that lives by the sword dies by the sword'

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Down vote me at much as you

Down vote me at much as you like, but that doesn't change the facts. The statement was made, and agreed with, that "all Americans who don the uniform" are heroes. Guess y'all can't handle the truth.

It looks more and more like I cannot support Rand.

I don't buy the "He's just trying to fool the establishment" argument from the Rand supporters when he says things like this. I think he is an acorn that fell and rolled way down the hill from the tree he came from.

Rand is simply being a Politician to the idiotic public.

The fact of the matter with his post is:

“Chris Kyle was a opportunist like most Americans who don the uniform to ensure an income for themselves and thier family not to defend our country. Our prayers are with his family during this tragic time.”

Kneeling at the feet of SEAL snipers

that get most of their kills from shooting poorly trained angry civilians is pathetic. Invade a country, occupy a country, piss off the local civilians, shoot them, become a hero. Not very American. Go Ron Paul. A true hero.

I wonder if Dad and Son are

I wonder if Dad and Son are actually planning this. Every time Dad makes a comment, Son makes a counter argument or a Fox News acceptable version of it. Trying to make it seem Son =/= Dad to win over the Beltway Israelis. Something to think about.

Southern Agrarian

I don't buy that Rand-Ron

I don't buy that Rand-Ron conspiracy theory for a minute. Ron Paul is not a Machevillian manipulator. If there is anything about his record that stands out, it is that he calls them as he sees them and does not play silly power games.

Ron Paul Quote

"We're in sad shape when telling the truth means you are a traitor." - Dr. Ron Paul

"Nothing just happens. Everything's planned." - Col. L. Fletcher Prouty


"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

It's crossed my mind...

...since I have trouble imagining Ron or his staff sending that tweet without realizing the impact it would have.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

I don't believe Ron Paul made that tweet

But I also didn't believe Ron Paul wrote racist statements in a newsletter that had his name. I gave him a break because he's so busy, some undermining writer (Lew Rockwell was accused of making that statement in Ron Paul's newsletter) and Ron Paul never admitted, or rejected, saying whether he wrote the racist comments.

I saw the article about Ron Paul's tweet. Headline news, and it discusted many people, especially those who come from tradtional military families like mine. I am the only one who refused to serve in the military. (and if I had to do it all over again, I would serve and would have worked to be a fly girl or top gun).

I have a brother that is a quadriplegic, an uncle who shot himself from PTS, an ex-nephew in law who has PTS and beat my neice and their newborn from his disorder when returning from Iraq. I can go on and on, write a book about military familes and the tragidy's that come from war, death, disabled physical and mental.

I know many vets and service men, their families, and many who suffer from life altering injuries, PTS, and to me, they are heros because whether they had no choice, or mde the choice to join the servce, they did, they served and they didn't get what they deserve, they got personal spoils of war so you can drive your car.

YOU BETTER BELIEVE MY PRAYERS ARE WITH KYLE'S FAMILY AT THIS TRAGIC TIME!!!! I'm standing with Rand Paul on this one. (That's right, unlike many of you stuck in 2007, I am learning from Rand Paul and I LOVE IT even more than learning from Ron Paul).


His tweet

should NOT be understood to mean that he has no compassion for those who serve in the military. Perhaps you should read his facebook status that he made that clarified this.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

I'm not on facebook

I don't tweet, and while it was a quote from the Bible, it was inappropriate, and not the compassionate, caring, Ron Paul who served, and knows, how hard it is for families to lose their loved one.

You would have

a much bigger impact for Liberty if you were on facebook and twitter.
Don't worry the government can already find you if they want to.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

really the newsletters?

did you miss ben swann's two different segments on it? one even exposing the original writer which was known by the original smear monger all along, but kept it to himself.

the RP tweets however are for real and right on.

granger, i would expect you to stick with rand paul on just about anything at this point, even ron paul
fanatics are not afraid to disagree with ron on some issues. perhaps you do as well with rand, but i haven't seen it yet.

The only time I see Ben Swann is here on DP, sometimes

I don't watch TV, have NO interest in taking heads like Swann or the Judge or Swift.. they get paid to sway.

I did not agree with Ron Paul in 07/08 100%. I wanted him to go Indy or third party. He did not.

When Ron Paul ran in 12, I joined the GOP. By the time I was elected to my committee, it was hard for me to not agree with Ron Paul. Ron Paul takes a learning curve.

Rand Paul takes a bigger learning curve, and it's FOR REPUBLICANS. So if you are not a Republican, I don't expect you to like Rand Paul, understand Rand Paul, or do much of anything but berate and ridcule Rand Paul.


who watches TV?

Reality Check is available at youtube. sounds like you know little about swann & the judge. i'm not surprised.

i didn't question you disagreeing with ron paul, in fact if you were honest i'll bet you disagree with him a lot

i asked about rand, and you've mentioned no disagreement with him. again no surprise.

rand paul IMO takes switching off learning and thinking and blindly following.

parties are irrelevant. they're both dead wrong on all the big issues. it's the system that needs changing and the libertarian message to continue to spread. the college kids get it.

i am not burned in the least. if the GOP is the future i want no part of it. i'm not trying to undermine. i was under the impression this forum was for discourse, debate, an exchange of ideas often in conflict. if everyone who disagrees with you is seen as the enemy then you are no different that the gop insiders who cheated and smeared dr. ron paul.

YouTube has become MSM propeganda

I don't know or care about Swann or The Judge.

I didn't agree with Ron Paul 100% when I supported him in 07/08 and resnted the fact he would not run Indy or third party and forced me to join the GOP if I wanted to have him win the nomination because he insisted in remaining in the GOP. He is still in the GOP.

Rand takes a learning curve and I am learning from Rand, and no I have no disagreement with him and the minute I do, DP will be the first to learn so I can collect the downvotes and shouts that I am a hypocrite.

Rand Paul is for those in the GOP that want to materialize Ron Paul's message and understand we are not the majority.

People without parties are slaves with no voice or choice.

The system can only be changed from within or by a civil war, which the UN would win.

You are not the future.. Rand Paul and the supporters like me are. You are not trying to undermine, you are actively doing your best.

I see no enemies.. only debate.

Wow, the term "Hero" is sure

Wow, the term "Hero" is sure being thrown around loosly these days.
Back in the day this is what "Hero" was all about.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams


Audie Murphy, a 5 foot tall 2nd LT who single handedly fought off an entire NAZI company then, having been shot and refusing medical attention, organized a counter attack! No joke.

The single most decorated soldier in WWII, not just in the US, not just among the allies, but on all sides WORLD WIDE.

You are correct.

THAT is a true hero!

Audie Murphy was like a real-life Captain America, or about as close as anyone ever got in real life.

I'm an Audie Murphy fan but

I'm an Audie Murphy fan but he was mentally very, very screwed up by his experiences....as would any decent human being Here is the entry from the Encyclopedia of World Biography:

Murphy's personal life was also unsettled. Plagued by recurring nightmares, he slept with a loaded gun under his pillow for many years. He suffered tremendous guilt about the war and agonized over friends who never made it back. He became hooked on prescription drugs. Gambling, womanizing, and involvement in various business schemes caused him to lose most of his money. By the late 1960s, Murphy's many setbacks had left him bankrupt. One of the lowest points in his life came in 1970 when he was charged with assault after he beat up a man and fired a shot at him during an argument. He was eventually acquitted, but the negative publicity generated by the case proved tough to live down.

So you're saying...

....he turned out to be more honorable than John McCain or John Kerry.

I'd agree with that!




I have been to many SOAR conventions

One of my Uncles has two silver stars, my father was highly decorated, I have had the honor to shake the hands of people who EARNED Gold Medals of Honor, and they would ALL agree with Rand Paul.

Oh really???

Even Marines who throw puppies off cliffs?


What's the rest of the story?

Was he ordered to kill the puppy? If he was not, was he punished?

The YouTube you presented does not show the whole story, it's to provoke a repulsive and dispectable hate crime, that does not represent the vast majority of people who serve.

I watched my father put many men away in the brigg for lessor crimes.

Kyle did not kill puppies for fun, or by orders, or for mercy to my knowledge.

If all you know about troops is from watching dispictable acts, then I must ask you, why are you watching and sharing them? You must get some pleasure out of it.

Shame on you.

Granger, in theory you are correct.

Therefore, I gave you a +1 but...

In defense of the person you are responding to, today's military is most definitely NOT your father's military. It's much much different.

I admire and respect

I admire and respect all those who serve to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States.

There are many who sign up for the military to avoid jail, can not find employment, because they think they are tough, and many other reasons. It is like anything else. There are good apples, and rotten apples. I despise rotten apples.

Respect is earned, not given.

I stand and salute those who defend and protect the Constutution.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I don't post all that often,

and when I do, I try to keep my comments positive. But I really have to question the amount of loyalty and obsession with a man whose views sometimes blatantly contradict the reason this website was created. Why are so many people on a site created to support RON Paul blindly following his RAND? Yeah, I said it. You're either blind or never really believed in what, for so many years, Ron has stood up for.

Here's where I know I'm gonna get down-voted. So be it.

Some of you think that Rand is a version of Ron who is playing "their" games in order to advance liberty. You're delusional. That has never worked. And if a man can't even SPEAK what he truly believes, he surely isn't going to ACT on it. And, apparently unlike those of you with this view of Rand, I think he is honest. But the problem is, I don't agree with him. And I ain't gonna vote for him. For the Rand-obsessed who are so quick to support him, even when holding contrary-to-libertarian views, go start dailyrand.com, and have a good ol' time. I'm a libertarian.

Everyone's entitled to their opinions. But after learning the message of liberty, how can you support this man? He's just another lesser evil. (No, I don't think Rand is "evil," it's a figure of speech. He supports evil POLICY.)

Sorry for the rant. Down-vote away.


It's easy to support Rand because as an elected Republican who is activly fighting to change the GOP from within, ans succeeding, it's with Rand Paul's help. He's got MSM attention and is doing a far better job educating the PTB in the GOP than his father ever did.

What a shame to see Ron Paul reduce himself to stupid tweets that disrespect service men. I don't believe he made that tweet, but then again, he is human.

As for Rand obsessed.. it is those who do not belong to the GOP, are not elected or appointed, hanging out in no party or third parties or lost in Indy land of NO representation, who are obcessed with hating Rand because they've got NOTHING but old Ron Paul Youtubes.



Winning what, exactly.

Please list all passed bills, cancelled executive orders, added freedoms, reduced welfare, seats fully retained by Liberty members, etc.

Your objective of win-win-winning is different than mine. It will take this nation an entirely different way of thinking in order to effect the change that we [I] seek. Compromising down to their nwo rhetoric does not equate to winning. Unless of course, that is what you mean by win-win-winning.

"What a shame to see Ron Paul reduce himself to stupid tweets that disrespect service men."

Your statement says it all.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Winning the hearts and minds of the GOP

Winning elections.

I took my elected seat January 2oth, and I am far from alone in those who are NEW to the GOP and we are now preparing to mobilize and go forward with our votes.

Yes, I will compromise because I'm not in power. It's a process that takes time and TIME WILL TELL.

I stand by my statement.