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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Everyone Has It by Roy Masters

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Everyone Has It by Roy Masters

By Roy Masters
Foundation of Human Understanding

"I don't understand why my knees are not getting any better," my hairdresser remarked as she cut my hair. I told her once more, what I have said a thousand times before. "Kathleen, you are a very stubborn lady, you have two problems that give rise to all the others. The first problem is you get upset too easily. The second one is that you get mad with all the difficulties that arise from being upset -- a vicious cycle." This time she had hurt her knee in a fall, and for some reason it did not heal as it should have. Hairdressers have to stand on their feet all day, and since it was a threat to her livelihood, she did what she had always done with her problems since childhood -- resent it. Patiently I reiterated my advice.

A couple of weeks later, while taking a little extra time to brush my hair with appreciation, she said; " I see now what I have been doing wrong all my life. Anger and frustration made me feel inferior, unworthy and that is what has kept me from getting ahead in my work”. Her knee got better within a few days of realizing how angry she had been towards both the pain and the threat of not being able to make a living.

A simple formula can easily explain and remedy most every difficulty. Any form of resentment towards adversary and adversity alike inserts a program reinforced by environment as well as your own futile internal struggle. Under duress, we literally hand over the emotional machinery of our lives to others, compounding every dilemma with frustration, which is another name for resentment. Once you grasp the significance of this concept, the solution is not far off.

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