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Super Bowl Blackout Still Being Investigated By NFL


Published: Feb. 4, 2013

"The league still is investigating the causes of the outage."

"The Superdome, meanwhile, confirmed that Beyonce's halftime show ran on generated power that was NOT using the power inside the stadium."

"It looks like a freak occurrence that is unlikely to happen again."

-------------full article linked above

A, "freak occurence that is unlikely to happen again."

Really? Did they screw up their satanic ritual or what?

And why is the NFL investigating the power outage? Shouldn't the city of Louisiana and whatever power company responsible for delivering electricity to the Superdome be involved as well?

It's a day later, and the league is still investigating the cause as if it's still 1965.

They got the lights back on in 30 minutes, so if they got the lights back ON they must have diagnosed the problem.

We're not being told what the, "problem" was even though they know it because whatever diagnosis they used worked.

You can't fix something without knowing what went wrong.

After the Superdome was torn apart by Katrina, it was rebuilt with new technology...new lights, new everything.

You can't fix the lights and get them back on without knowing WHY they went out in the first place!

So what really happened?

1. The NFL did it on purpose to get more viewers, more advertising revenue, to prevent a blowout, and to help Vegas cover the spread.

2. Something very sinister was averted. Beyonce's magick trick didn't work.

Within the first five seconds of the show, hello Baphomet...don't be shy or anything with that imagery.


3. Subliminal messaging..."Don't even dare mess with us."

"We control the lights." The lights can go out at any time, and any place by the flip of a switch. They can take away our bread and circus in one fell swoop if they so desire. They control the lights, they control the power...

33 minutes after darkness fell, the lights went back on...and a minute later the record once again started to spin and play their tune on the Grand Stage.

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As soon as it happened..

I joked to the room that they had scheduled too many commercials and needed more time to fill them

They better not even say it

They better not even say it was the hacker group Anonymous.lol

I believe it is either one of two things....

1. shit happens and something failed

2. the additional revenue that was made over that 30 minute time period was just too much to resist...so therefore number 1 happened.

Next time

have the game during daytime - that'll show them who controls the "lights"...lol