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NC Pastor says; "government threatens freedom"

I see this podcast as an opportunity to say publicly that Libertarians and Christians need to dialogue; simply because,.even though Christians in leadership seem to be waking up to the tyranny, it was those who call themselves "libertarians"(granted, some were Christians) who were the ones who engaged the political system most aggressively with steadfastness, became delegates, went to Tampa, and are still determined to remain engaged!

At this point, we are hearing all this angst in the Christian church; but, sadly since so many evangelicals and others under the umbrella of an "organized" parent denominational head have decided to stick with the K-Street lobbying, pro-family, Israeli-first deception, money grab for RINO Statists approach– so, I guess it’s OUR responsibility to teach them their(our)own history the proper way!

I've followed my heart, and I've separated myself from chuchy-osity; because my skin in the game is my five children, and I've had it with the brick wall attitude that "politics has it's place, but it's not in the church".

This idea that we all email each other links to further propel Libertarian ideology, or, talk about our policy positions and who represents them best OUTSIDE the four walls of the visible church must stop!

Once a Christian gets done taking in all the David Barton Wallbuilders materials, I recommend you start on the Tom Woods materials, add to your knowledge; and strike a BALANCE.

With that, you then need to navigate a personal/corporate course of action that results in a solution in your community that is also living under this tyranny; and follow the ONLY solution that will effect a change that will shrink the size and scope of government!

Nothing frustrates me more than Christians not realizing that all the talk coming out of pro-family, anti-abortion, anti-homosexuality lobbying groups and Christian talk radio/media outlets etc. for the whole of my lifetime, is just that; TALK! ZERO fruit in the Republican Party since Reagan was elected; how many millions of dollars did that cost? By playing Christian Republican Party Pat-a-Cake, you've created Obama!

By their own admission; we have the most anti-God Presidential Administration occupying the White House now – and worse yet – it was not only the love of money that got him and his Statist tacit supporters in Congress and the SCOTUS; but it is this SAME love of money that indicts the outward professing Christian Church in America as the #1 vehicle to keep doing our politics this way for the next two election cycles...UNLESS...they heed this call for separation in the pursuit of Liberty, for our posterity’s sake!

Enter, lowly me; just one patriot full of zeal for restoring our Republic, and a love for God's Word.

Please entertain my introductory attempt at starting something to bridge concerned Christian conservatives who are fed up with the status quo ruse, with, the already engaged(perhaps even unchurched) libertarians who love what a Christian Statesman has inspired!

Listen to Pastor Sean Harris’ News In Focus Podcast here regarding government threatening our freedoms:

…then watch my response here:

Is this something we need to pursue? In my honest opinion, it was those men who knew the MOST Bible, that understood Liberty best; and repelled the advance of tyranny in thought, word, and deed sacrificially and PUBLICLY…

Thank God, through much dialogue and education about man's God-given rights, and government's role in protecting them; the people stood up to the tyranny, the hypocrisy, and the threat of violence...and, the American Republic was born!

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I've been studying this a lot lately

I have found that it really was the teaching of Christ that tells someone to real free of their master when givin the chance. That you have a right to life, you are not meant to be a slave to anyone.

I took a look at history and found out the influence of Jonas Clark starting the war of sucession, the cries of Philadelphia "we have no king but Christ!" And the idea that men are created equal is all a part of Christian teaching.

I heard someone say recently, Hitler could not have become a dictator without the help of the Christian church at te time, and look now during the inauguration, Andy Stanley called Obama our "pastor in chief"

We must wake up the Christians. They will be much easier to reach than the left. It should be a goal of ours to minister to our pastors the importance of resisting tyranny.


...and with the some 13,000 pages of regulations with respect to the HHS(Department of Health and Human Services) is mandating in Obamacare, destined to become 20,000 pages; ALL peoples of ALL faiths will be funding contraceptives and abortion pills....

Listen to Obama, he says "freedom of worship", not freedom of religion! In other words, you can do what you want inside the four walls of your church, but once you step outside, your conscience is nullified by everyone else around you who shares NOT your "convictions"....

This is the result of keeping it in the four walls of our churches for too long, and naively thinking K-street pro-family lobbyists are fighting the battles for us on Capitol Hill...seriously, look no further than the NRA to see that scam!!!

Thanks for responding!

Watch out!

the religion of Gaia is coming to a church near you!