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Video Update: Ben Swann "Full Disclosure:" Danny Glover Claim vs. 2nd Amendment


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Ben Swann's new episode of "Full Disclosure" will be launched at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. This is a good one, taking on Danny Glover's claim that the 2nd amendment "genesis" was rooted in racism. New Hampshire's own Free State Project will be the first ever featured sponsor, a new chapter in expanding Ben's reach.

The video will be launched via https://www.facebook.com/... and http://www.youtube.com/us...

Great episode coming soon....

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It didn't seam like

Danny Glover was making up BS on the spot. He looked like he was regurgitating something he picked up from somewhere. I wonder where? It's too perverse of a thought to hold any water. Obviously if slaves had guns, they wouldn't be slaves very long. He thinks the 2nd makes it possible for slavery??WTF

Just watched it. Ben nails

Just watched it. Ben nails it. http://youtu.be/vcjKuV1TOkE

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Thanks, but this is not a "DP Original"

That is for something you wrote, or a video you made specifically for the DP community.

Just a quick reference. If your post contains the words,

"Continue reading here..." or a link to a YouTube video that you did not make, it is not a DP original.

Please help spread the word. Thanks.

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Thank You

Thank you for pointing this out. Wasn't sure of what the "DP Original" guidelines exactly meant but will make sure future posts get put in the right spot next time. "Knowing is half the battle"... Cheers and hope this video goes big...

Ben Swann about to bring the

Ben Swann about to bring the noise.

Then we must keep this bumped!


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Good to know!

Should be great.

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Hoping for both of them this one goes viral quickly. "Sharing is Caring"....