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I Vow That I Would Never Hurt Piers Morgan In Any Way

Piers Morgan is an arrogant idiot jerk who deserves to spend every day of the rest of his life eating poop sandwiches while seated on an upside-down bar stool.

That being said, I want to make something perfectly clear: Anyone in Texas or anywhere else who thinks that Piers' journey to Texas to film his show at a gun store would be a good opportunity to try to hurt or kill him, well you my friend are also an idiot worthy of being Piers' sandwich taster, and seated on an extra-tall upside-down bar stool. You tool.

You're a tool of the bankers bankrupting and economically destroying the nation around you if you think more violence would help anything. The bankers whose goal is always to disarm their victims.

You're a tool of the has-been, also-ran, inane-stream, msm-media complex if you think that killing Piers Morgan would help anyone other than the CFR, the Tri-Lateralists, the illuminists, the powers-that-be, the men behind the curtain pulling the strings and manipulating the simple minds of people like you.

And you're a tool of your own misplaced ego if you think that anyone would even remember your name five minutes later, while Piers, whether he were to die or by the grace of God surviving your attack, would forever be a martyr to the 'cause' for which he fought so hard, even suffering physical attack in its service.

I don't know if this message will reach the depths of whatever hole you've crawled into for the night, but should you read these words be warned: if you try to harm Piers Morgan or anyone else, anywhere, for any reason at all, then you are no friend to liberty, you are no friend to your country, you are no friend to yourself and you are no friend to your God.

Put it down, friend. Let's talk about it.

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