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Central Banking Must End

The Root of Our Deception.

I have been pondering the challenges we face as a humanity for a while now. Seeking to understand the depth of our struggles and how we can take action to improve our quality of life. It seems to point to many things and often there is confusion. Many paths and factors intercept, seemingly taking us in an infinite number of directions. Keeping us from solving this complex puzzle of existence.

I do not wish to understand the whole of existence. Or what everything is about. I simply seek to understand life as it is here and our place within it. How we can improve our quality of living and ensure our survival. I have discovered that life in the US is strictly based upon a consumer mentality. We are to consume. That is our purpose. Our aim. At least, that is what we are conditioned to believe and cornered into fulfilling. It is a very tragic thing, not just for us, but the world. We have been robbed of the capacity to provide value in the world. Limited to simple consumers. Nothing more than buying machines. Lifeless and empty.

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