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Censorship on the Daily Paul?

So this thread seemed to cause an unusual amount of hysteria from the hired trolls that frequent this site when it appeared:


Went back to check it out the other day but new comments have been disabled on the thread. I wanted to post some new info on there, so I contacted the Daily Paul:

Ticket Status: open
Department: Support
Create Date: 01/27/2013 4:19 am

Subject: Hi guys, why can't I post a comment on this thread?

Ticket Thread
Sun, Jan 27 2013 4:19am

There doesn't seem to be any capability of posting new comments on this
thread. Could you please help?

Many thanks

Sun, Feb 3 2013 11:24pm
Hi guys, I made this support request over a week ago, please could I get a response? Thanks

Still nothing. When about a year ago I put in a help request on a technical issue, the response was prompt and helpful, a couple of days only.

It may be that the DP just hasn't got around to responding or is overloaded, fair enough. If this is the case, can anyone explain why that thread has been closed to new comments? So that no-one can bump it up again or post new comments?

Thanks, Will

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For freedom of speech

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

If there were

German troops on American soil ready for gun confiscation or any other purpose wouldn't you want to be aware of it?

No of course not. It's more important to avoid "conspiracy theories" and maintain the credibility of the DP. Not.



Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

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I did not take that to be a credible source

The ultimate source is from "Before its news." So I shut the thread down so as not to invoke hysteria. I do that from time to time and it is my judgement call. It is common for me to shut down threads when they devolve into bickering / flame war. I'll even delete them if they're blatantly false. I haven't had the time to investigate this one fully, but it looks like it falls into the latter category. After I get a chance to look at it, don't be surprised if it disappears completely.

Yes, there is censorship on the Daily Paul. As much as possible, I want to keep the discussion relevant and factual, not just a rumor mill.

Sorry no one ever got back to you on the support ticket. There are really just too many of them for the short staff to handle, and we prioritize based on technical issues.

Also, I've been spending most of my time this week writing thank you cards to donors to the fundraiser that looks unlikely to fill. And looking for a new job.

If you could see the stack of support tickets that comes in here, you'd understand. Trust me.

He's the man.

Regardless of the source

is it not legitimate for us to discuss it? This is clearly an issue of Liberty and the free exchange of ideas.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

What I would do

If it was really that important, is rewrite it and make a fresh post rather than trick myself into thinking MN and DP are owned and operated democratically by the government protecting me from censorship. This is a private blog, and you have freedom within the owner's "house rules". The owner has freedom to say, "don't bring that shi into my house". And you have freedom to attempt a new way to bring your shi into the house for those hungry masses that are demanding it (crickets chirping).

Have a wonderful posting day. I'm looking farward to exchanging ideas with you. :))

I think DP owner

needs to clean his act. "Most Viewed Posts" section is routinely manipulated. The policy should be clear - which bizarre conspiracy theories DP supports and which it does not.

I personally prefer that posts unrelated to Libertarian movement and current news to be published elsewhere - say at Alex Jones or hundreds of similar outlets.


The DP owner needs to clean his act????

The DP owner can run his site any damn way he wants SINCE HE OWNS IT!!!!!!

I would prefer the libertarian movement post get precedent now as well - then perhaps more people here would realize Liberty is more than just a catchy word to use in a screen name.

If I were to guess...

..I'd say the thread was closed because it was a moronic topic, but that's just a guess.

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Racism, racism is the reason

Racism, racism is the reason why!

Southern Agrarian

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very strange...

Excellent questions!

I would also like an answer to this. Especially, considering the fact that a "money drive" is occurring right now and this week is the final push.

Many are deciding how much they can afford to donate.

I truly believe this is a very possible scenario...but more with united nations troops involved rather than just "Germans".

Why the "no new comments" tab?

Am I just missing it?

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