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Jesse Ventura Was Suing Chris Kyle Over Kyle Punching Him Out

Here it is in Kyle's own words.


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He was suing Chris Kyle for defamation, not assault. The defamation lawsuit claimed that Chris Kyle had lied about assaulting Jesse Ventura.

As to my knowledge, the lawsuit is still continuing. The fact still remains that the lawsuit was not about Jesse suing him for assault.

Chris Kyle lied...

Jesse Ventura Gets Backing Of Former SEALs In Lawsuit Over “Punch” Hoax

"Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit against Navy SEAL Chris Kyle over Kyle’s claims that he punched Ventura in a bar for insulting a dead U.S. soldier has gone to court, with Ventura receiving the backing of several prominent former SEALs who affirm the incident never happened."

"After investigating the incident, Moy and his fellow SEALs confirmed that the event never took place and that Kyle had invented it to generate publicity for his book."


That's kind of weird...

They know one another.. not super weird.. they are ex military but they fought?

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Today I heard Glenn Beck say that Jesse Ventura is a bad person.

First of all who is Glenn Beck to be calling anyone else a bad person?

Beck is a war-monger, Neo-Con, Arab-hater of the highest order while Jesse Ventura is speaking about peace.

Jesse is infinitely more qualified to talk about the (flawed) U.S foreign policy than the ex-alcholic-nobody Glen Beck.

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I know a few people that...

...have overcome an alcohol addiction. Not too many people can succeed in doing that...it is a great achievement. If anything, that is one thing he did that is to be congrats upon. However, I agree with the rest of what you said.=)