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Woman Gives Judge Middle Finger, Gets 30-Day Sentence for Contempt (video)

I bet this harsh judge feels he is doing the community a good service.


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why in the heck do we have sitting judges that appear to NOT be U.S. Citizens?

This fat-rat-basterd is not a natural U.S. citizen I can assure you.

Lets see the Order ...

A person found in contempt of court is called a "contemnor." To prove contempt, the prosecutor or complainant must prove the four elements of contempt:
Existence of a lawful order
The potential contemnor's knowledge of the order
The potential contemnor's ability to comply
The potential contemnor's failure to comply

Did the person on the bacl robe say do not finger me?
Did the lady say she heard the order?
Was she able to cocmply if she heard it?

Maybe she shoudl ave simply said F-You... Freedom of speach.

We should hold contempt of court

in our heart.

We should not tolerate evil in any of its forms, including the aggression against persons and property.

The most lawless sq footage anywhere in america is the court system.

Everyday people are lied to, robbed, and locked up because of this racket called court. On the surface it resembles, barley, the form of lawful activity. The truth is there is nothing honorable about judges or the attorneys that participate in these de facto courts of larceny.

The lady felt she had to show her displeasure and that is her right. She should be prepared for the outcome.


Liberty = Responsibility

I don't feel the story was

I don't feel the story was fully explained. I gather the judge was asking about her assets to determine the cost of the bond . Her attitude does not work anywhere in the world. Why should that vulgar display be considered appropriate in an American courtroom? Her contempt citation and sentence was in order.

Now here's some real

Now here's some real contempt. (-:

"During the proceedings in Keeton v. Hustler Magazine, Flynt reportedly shouted "Fuck this court!" and called the justices "nothing but eight assholes and a token cunt" (referring to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor).[28] Chief Justice Warren E. Burger had him arrested for contempt of court, but the charge was later dismissed."

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

hmm why do i care about some 18 year old woman spending

dads money and ends up in a jail somewhere, it's not like she was arrested for practicing freedom of speech to advance liberty and she'll probably be married off to a husband somewhere 5 years down the road and live off of his money instead and begin voting partisan-line democrat for welfare benefits if she's divorced.

seriously, what do i care.

I think it is kind of

appalling that a guy can just so easily enforce all kind of hefty punishments.

Ps. She might be a very nice girl with a natural tendency against these kind of authority.