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Video: Piers Morgan vs. Ted Nugent 2/4/13

This is good. Piers has his ass handed to him.


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Anyone else think it's odd

Anyone else think it's odd how Piers Morgan is portraying himself as 'skill-less' with this kind of weapon when a few weeks ago he was talking about how he'd fired multiple rifles like it on a range years back?

This guy is a national hero

Love 'em

National Hero?

If you see through the lies of the neocon-Obama wars and question 9/11, Nugent has some choice names to call you.

"Ted Nugent on War"

Sure, he gets the 2nd amendment right and he has his free speech but being an ignorant warmonger does not a hero make.

I'm not an expert on Nugent, sorry

Just like what he's doing right now in regards to this one issue is all.


... has a lower murder rate per 100,000 (4.2) than the US (4.8). They must be doing something right over there.

FWIW, the murder rate per 100,000 in the UK is 1.2. Then again, there are cameras everywhere there so how are you going to get away with it? :P

How much of the "high" murder rate in the US is due to gang wars and black market violence perpetuated by the War on Drugs? That's what I'd like to know.

It is too bad Ted Nugent

It is too bad Ted Nugent didn't mention the US' culpability to the danger in Yemen. The United States' foreign policy in the Middle East is what makes the region so unsafe, not the fact that there is a high gun ownership rate. I am not sure about Ted's views on foreign policy, but I would speculate based on his comment about the no fly list he thinks we are doing God's work over there.

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simply because they kill more kids than guns

One of the biggest pitfalls in a "movment" is the temptation to get cultish about it and refuse to realize that it is only part of the picture. -Joel Salatin ; You Can Farm pg 202

Hey.. don't knock the drone

Hey.. don't knock the drone that I'm building.

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Trex 800


One of the biggest pitfalls in a "movment" is the temptation to get cultish about it and refuse to realize that it is only part of the picture. -Joel Salatin ; You Can Farm pg 202

Uh... No.. But that thing

Uh... No.. But that thing looks pretty f'in cool, tho...

I've got an Ardupilot

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I know this is late and totally sidebar but

did you do all your own programming for your arduopilot.

I would love to see some pictures of it. My email is phxarcher87@yahoo.com if you have time to share. Thx and have a great day!

One of the biggest pitfalls in a "movment" is the temptation to get cultish about it and refuse to realize that it is only part of the picture. -Joel Salatin ; You Can Farm pg 202

Ted's point on the 2nd

Ted's point on the 2nd amendment is right on..but still believes brown men in caves perpetrated 9-11 and therefor loves the no fly list..neo-conned

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

Maybe what he meany by that

I wish Piers would be as

I wish Piers would be as concerned about America's incarceration rates as much as he is our gun murder rate. I find our incarceration numbers are far more depressing for such a 'free' nation.


Justice is harsher in America than in any other rich country. Between 2.3m and 2.4m Americans are behind bars, roughly one in every 100 adults. If those on parole or probation are included, one adult in 31 is under “correctional” supervision. As a proportion of its total population, America incarcerates five times more people than Britain, nine times more than Germany and 12 times more than Japan. Overcrowding is the norm. Federal prisons house 60% more inmates than they were designed for. State lock-ups are only slightly less stuffed.

Sorry if my post is a little odd this morning

I took some muscle relaxers last night and will never take them again.

All that said, although I appreciate these post and great interviews from outstanding advocates of the 2nd amendment, there is no way that a fascist/sociopathic pedophile like Persy Whoregan is ever going to back down from his programed stance of removing more guns on the streets.

Ergo, does it really help us by continually posting the drival that exits from the corner (or butt hole) of this "coverup master"?

The more this ASSet appears on sites like the DP, the more rediculous credibility this child-sex-ring loser gets.

He is likely just like Senator Menendez who seems to like the "Newest and Youngest girls".. Transalation? He like the young underage virgins that scream in pain! A true psychopathic peadophile.

Is murder worse if a gun was used?

And that's just it, isn't it? I'm so glad Ted brought that up since Piers and others seem obsessed with homicide where guns are involved.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

If Piers Morgan was really concerned about guns

He would not be doing his shows with pro gun advocates. Piers has done so much for gun sales, the NRA should give him a honorary life time membership!


nra should be boycotted.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


GOA All The Way


Right, and when

he asked the gun store owner why he thought sales were 4-5 times higher, the gun store owner should have said it was all thanks to him :)


I know! What if deep down he

I know! What if deep down he is trying to send us a message. Only he can't say it himself because of the tremendous pressure of being a Brit and in the media. His arguments are so off that one has to wonder if it is on purpose. Think about it...he fled his own country...why? Perhaps he sees us becoming the country he fled.

Just maybe...

Piers 'drones' on with the

Piers 'drones' on with the same lame platform to herald in a ban on defense weaponry for American citizens. Why he is so obsessed with Americans' right to own firearms? He really does not offer any rationale for his obsession in the face of continuous stream of logic based on the second amendment of the US constitution from several advocates. His survey needs to be questioned since the figures as I read them were less supportive of Obama's edicts from Dec. 'til now. If I could see better I feel I should also learn more about self protection with gun safety and education....For now my verbal slingshot will have to do.

Its a distraction

from really important stuff going on in Syria, and with the financial word. Obama will lose the gun debate, the war party on the right will claim victory, and happily get us into WWIII as our economy crumbles.

It seems like we've got a new soap opera,

watching Piers get PWNED over and over again.

Next week on as the globalist turns...

Yes I know we all know.. But omg..

This Piers guy is soo annoying..