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Ron Paul Quotes Jesus, Conservatives Outraged

Posted by Ryan W. McMaken on February 4, 2013 | LewRockwell.com

Remember that time Ron Paul used the Golden Rule to explain his foreign policy? Conservatives booed him for that. So who can be surprised that conservatives, including Rand Paul, have been falling all over themselves to condemn Ron Paul for quoting Jesus -in correct context, by the way - to note that the violence wrought by over a decade of nonstop war in America leads to tragedy on the home front?

Every neocon pundit and middle-American red-blooded conservative took a few minutes out from running around shrieking "boo-yah" and polishing his dually F-250 to be outraged that someone dared suggest that a government employee wasn't a holy relic.

The Daily Caller was the first to the show, posting Paul's twitter post without comment and allowing the comment box to quickly fill with outraged Republicans who were dismayed that anyone would not endorse every action of every single taxpayer-funded soldier who ever drew a bead on some dirt-poor 12-year-old child-soldier 10,000 miles away. Others soon piled on.

The most transparent were the conservatives who claimed to be former supporters of Paul who must now go support some more "patriotic" politician: One who doesn't actually question anything the military does.

One member at RonPaulForums.com said "'Live by the sword, die by the sword' is what the dumbest, stupidest, most delusional people around here would say. There's no way that Ron actually said this. Ugh. How said [sic] and pathetic."

That seems to be the general reaction one gets from conservatives about the Golden Rule also.

This is what it comes down to for most conservatives, of course. All that stuff about laissez faire and freedom and free markets has never been more than an act and an affectation which goes right out the window if someone ever criticizes the US Government in a truly trenchant or penetrating manner.

Most of these sunshine patriots who now whine that Ron Paul has lost their support, wouldn't ever have supported Ron Paul in the first place if Obama weren't in office. Had Ron Paul run against a GOP incumbent, most of these timid and prevaricating "opponents" of big government would have condemned Paul for questioning the glorious deeds of "our" Commander-in-Chief. Among conservatives, Ron Paul has only ever had minority support, for in the end, conservatives love government, as exhibited by their latest outrage. They just love it in a slightly different way from the left liberals.

As I've noted before, the Tea Party movement, and most conservatives who pretend to be for small government, only act when there's a Democrat in office. During eight years of Bush shredding the constitution, spending money like there was no tomorrow, and inflating the money supply with his pals at the central bank, no conservative would walk ten feet to protest the federal government. But about five minutes after Obama was sworn in, the Tea Party protests swelled into a huge disingenuous show that will evaporate five minutes after any Republican is sworn into office, assuming the GOP can actually win a national election with one of the out-of-touch never-had-a-real-job rich boys they insist on nominating.

In the end of course, Ron Paul has never been about rallying people to himself. He has been about the message, and the message is about freedom. It is a logical impossibility to be simultaneously pro-freedom and pro-military. Patrick Henry, who called government soldiers "engines of despotism" knew this. Thomas Jefferson knew this. Every true friend of liberty from William Graham Sumner to Murray Rothbard knew this. And Ron Paul knows it. Some of his supporters, still stuck in the mindset of a form of Geezer Conservatism in which "freedom-lovers" bow and scrape before the US Government, denied that Ron Paul could have even agreed with the Twitter post. No such luck for them. The tradition of laissez faire is a tradition against standing armies, and wars, and deference to military "heroics." Conservatives who are troubled by this should probably be honest with themselves and find a candidate more suitable to their views. I hear Newt Gingrich is still taking donations.

Source: LewRockwell.com

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Will muslim Libertarans

go to hell? Or we just upset that the sniper killed 150 muslims and sent them to hell earlier (though with coupons for virgins)?

No where

No where does it say in the Karan that Muslims get virgins when the die or kill themselves. That is another mis-quote by the media, like the whole "wiping Israel off the map" quote.

Catholics supported Hitler so everyone has their shot at hell

The modern pope-man himself is a proud Nazi.


What is the punishment for bearing false witness?

While promoting the fallacious argument of guilt by association.

Oskar Schindler was raised in the Catholic church. To make a blanket statement is distasteful and ignores the reality, that evil men are not bound by civil or ethical laws whatever the traditions of their youth.

Free includes debt-free!

I agree, being Catholic does not get you into heaven.

The Catholic religion is no better or worse than any other cult that claims you must stand with them to go to heaven.

The only one that decides whether or not you go to heaven is Christ.

The pope is evil, already condemned to hell, read 2 Peter 2.

Any false teacher or prophet that contradicts the bible is already doomed to the lake of fire and many so-called protestants are no better off.

They are most all addicted to the false teaching of some stranger to Christ.

Those that follow after the lost are like the swine that Jesus cast the legion (of demons) into willing to run with each other right over the cliff and onto the rocks (and into the mire) below.


And what makes you think that Schindler went to heaven? Sure he did some "good deeds", but that is not the measure by which heaven was purchased for you. Can you buy your birth? Then how much more your re-birth?

The First Pope didn't condemn a Pope Collective.

As you summarily condemned a Catholic Collective.

Men come to God as individuals. Many Catholics understand as well as anyone the warning that "whoever causes the downfall of one of these little ones who believe in Me--it would be better for him if a heavy millstone were hung around his neck and he were drowned in the depths of the sea!

That task of that judgement is not given me.

-If I read correctly individual Catholics are evil because they are guilty by association with the Church and the Pope, not for any rejection of the Christ.

Or Those who call themselves Catholic and do evil somehow taint the idea of Catholicism making it irredeemable.

In 1937, Ratzinger Sr retired from the police. Joseph Ratzinger, Sr. remained sternly anti-Nazi.His sons did not join the Hitler Youth, until it became mandatory for all boys of age.

If you are forced to use ObomaCare does that make you an atheistic communist?

Reminds of the old joke. A good man died and went to heaven, St Peter welcomed him and took him on a tour. The Southern Baptists were praising God, Hallelujah! The good man smiled. The Mulims were singing from the towers, saying God is God, God is great. As they moved on Peter motiones Shhh, with his finger. These are the Catholics. They think they are the only one's up here.

Other messengers have heard your Appeal. Did you listen?

Free includes debt-free!

You've read some bad books that filled your head with hate.

You nave my pity.

Free includes debt-free!

So you have judged. On what authority do you say these things.

Your words are empty but they blow hard.

To often i've read your comments and found them lacking reverence.

Is your task to serve men or to judge and berate them even when they have not failed to live an upright life.

In the end I well submit to God's final judgement. You loved your neighbor as yourself, that's nice. Did you lover your neighbor? Did you do good to those who would do you harm?

The only way to prepare is to is to add what was missing.

Free includes debt-free!


But Evangelicals claim the true love for Jesus is the key to salvation, not actions. Thus, if Hitler accepted Jesus with all his heart, at least theoretically, he would be saved.

So Buddhists have no hope?

But it is not up to Hitler, it is up to Jesus as to who is saved

Most so called "Christians" do not fear God, they in fact think that they can save themselves apart from Him. This is just not true.

Your problem is that you take these impostors at "face value", thus you correctly deduce that they are part of some failed movement.

Where you go wrong is when you associate God with them when in fact He says that He does not know them.

Don't look to the modern church to understand the ancient Christian God. You will not find Him there among the vomiting dogs and mire of the swine.


But look above -

our folks assume the role of Jesus to cast a verdict for neo-cons not for political views but for their belief.

It is not the role of Christ that they seek.

To be like Christ you must accept Christ.

But even more importantly Christ must accept you.

If they run with deceivers then they run to the mire with the swine and eat their own vomit like the dogs do.


Bump for Ryan

That last paragraph was grand. A wake up slap to those here that are kvetching over Dr. Paul's words.

I'd expect nothing less

from "Conservative Christians" who also booed him at a debate in South Carolina last year for advocating the Golden Rule. "They know not what they do."
I'm having a hard time getting my mind around this supposedly Pro-Life DEATH-CULT called "Conservative Christians". What an ambivalent mess!

Neo-Cons..anti-abortion and pro-capital punishment.

You figure it out.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

In my experience it is much

In my experience it is much harder to walk away than it is to lay someone on their ass.

Truth before all else.....it is what will allow us to emerge with dignity and honor.


It's important to note the context. Jesus says this to one of his own followers ,who he loved, as a warning.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Jesus' words

are to all mankind. "Love ye one another as I have loved you"

He preached righteousness and truth, and that was why He was hated of the Pharasises in His day, and why He is hated by most in our day.


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

You are correct

the words are for all. What I meant was that Jesus was saying this to one of his own at the time. Ron Paul didn't say this to be cruel and spiteful to Chris Kyle. He was simply stating the truth.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Are you saying Jesus was a truther?

You crazy conspiracy theorist.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:


did not hate Jesus. Jesus hated Pharasises. Pharasises looked at Jesus and his students as hard-working Americans looked at hippies in 1960's. Hippies wanted to offer love if you supply them free food and drugs. Jesus offered love because he did not earn money to buy animals for sacrifice at the Temple. When Jesus understood that pure love cannot buy animals for sacrifice, he blamed money changers and the whole system (his father created and described in the Old Testement.) But the animal sacrifice surved the purpose of the old society - productive work (to afford animals) and charity (1/3 of animal meat went to the poor.)

Double post

I'll then use it to Praise the Lord!


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Excellent point!


I appreciate the article but

I appreciate the article but I hope my fellow DPers realize the tweet did far more harm than good to Dr. Paul’s image. If the idea is to grow the movement, the tweet didn’t help. The only thing we can do is truck on and hope that Dr. Paul remembers that the power of social media can build or destroy.

That's what Jusdas thought,

He believed that Jesus was hurting the movement so he so he sold Jesus for 30 pieces of Silver.

The movement was more important to Judas than the message.

The neocons are outing themselves. How does tat hurt the movement?

Free includes debt-free!

We do more harm

when we stay silent on issues that matter.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

ytc's picture

I appreciate your concern for the possible harm done for

growing "the movement". BUT I don't think this controversy is harmful for the movement at all.

I'm amazed and elated to see the explosive discussion taking place over one honest short Twitter quote by a world-renowned respected statesman. Hopefully this will bring more people to think who & what Christ is and WHY a moral compass of a country really matters. The gravity of the psychological & spiritual dilemma can be finally discussed in the context of soul-numbing imperial agendas :-)

BTW Ron Paul is not to be silenced by political PR-handlers: we know that and that's why we TRUST him.

(ever an optimist -y)

Phxarcher87's picture

who knows where the liberty movment is going

all we really care about is that it is going. some say up, some say down who has the cristal ball?

“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” Mahatama Ghandi

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain