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1st Amendment Cancelled for Internet

The internet wasn't around when the Constitution was written. The country's founders could never have envisioned how many millions of people could have been contacted with just a few minutes of work.

The first amendment was written in an age when speech could not have had anywhere near as much damaging effects as it does in this new medium.

Therefore, free speech will no longer apply to the internet. Watch what you say or you'll be locked up.

This is the logic some are using to try and control guns. (i.e. muskets were used back then, it was a different time, the constitution doesn't really apply now). Perhaps this analogy will help them see one of the dangers of that type of logic. Maybe we can even get some media people on board the freedom train by pointing this out.

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Reminds me of something I've seen a few times now

It was something like "I'll go back to muskets when the media goes back to printing the news one page at a time". I assure you the founders didn't have cable news either.



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yes....the ability to portray thoughts over great distances...

...and this government uses tax dollars to tell us we're descendents of apes, and human speech evolved from the grunts and groans of animals, eh?

Ever hear of Broca's convolution ?

Yeah...free speech, fast free speech, over great distances MUST be stopped!

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for a good observation.

yes and...

only 1 page papers could be printed... free speech is only limited to 1 page, double sided, single spaced papers. ;)

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ok then...

If that is the reasoning we are going to use,then I'm sure we can all agree that the founding fathers,knowing full well what a tyrannical leader can & will do,would have written an article requiring the immediate removal & prosecution of any politicians getting carried away with their power.They would have written this,to be VERY strict on any politicians,had they been able to see into the future.So since we are going to "read between the lines" on gun control,due to the founders lack of being able to know the future,lets do the same for everything else.As I interpret the constitution,ALL politicians who have acted in a way that is interpreted as being more to THEIR benefit,than that of the nation,is guilty of treason & shall serve no less than life in prison,without possibility of parol!!!

Question, Sir:

Did you write that or did someone else say that in a public forum? If the latter, could you provide a link? I always try to find the newest initiate of the NWO.

Lima-1, out.

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