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Do you really expect change?

In your heart of hearts, deep down inside, in the most honest place there is in your mind....

Do you really expect to see fundamental changes from your present efforts at political reform?

Do you have a strong sense of expectation for how things are going to get turned around? Do you actually envision a reformed Union in your head? Have you got an actual plan or an expected series of events? Can you explain what is going to be necessary to get from point A to point B to point C, and how to make it happen?

Is it real to you like this? Or is your sense of mission merely of fighting for smaller, token victories from time to time? Do you expect to be forever frustrated? Or do you have an honest vision of some day in which the lion's share of the battle for liberty has been CLEARLY won?

If you're on the frustrated side with fairly low expectations, have you done any "math" yet on what it would take to get individual citizens to change their way of looking at things so that a viable liberty movement might actually have a chance?

And if you're on the jubilant side with high expectations, what track record of progress do you show as proof that "it's working"?

And all this aside, what comes next? What is needed that is not how happening?

Jack Pelham


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Expect? You've got to be kidding.

I expect to work hard to materialize the change I want to see.

The beauty is, my work is paying off.