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North Carolina has a choice for liberty in the US Senate in 2014!

Dr. Greg Brannon, an OBGYN (interesting) from Cary, NC will vie for the Republican nomination to challenge Kay Hagan in 2014 for a US Senate seat.

Dr Greg is the president of an organization called Founder's Truth.

He is a regular guest of the Bill LuMaye show every Thursday from 6-7 PM on 850 WPTF in Raleigh, NC where he tries to explain the constitution to neocons that have been listening to Rush and Hannity all week.

Here is a video of a speech he gave recently.

I don't think he has an official campaign site yet but I will give an update when there is one.

Dr Brannon does a great job at spreading the voice of liberty!

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Moneybomb for Greg Brannon toady!

There is a Moneybomb for Greg Brannon today! Ron Paul supporter Glen Bradley in North Carolina has met him, and highly recommends him.

A quote from Glen:
"This guy has all the principles of Ron and all the rhetoric of Rand. Greg Brannon is exactly who America needs in the US Senate."

He is running for Democrat Kay Hagan's seat, and it is winnable.

Moneybomb Facebook event:

His website: