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Number 11 on Amazon Kindle's "Free Classics"

Was just glancing at the kindle Amazon app on my cell phone and decided to see what Free Classics were available for downloading (have been meaning to check out Mark Twain more in depth). Anyhow, nothing of interest on page one but on page two at the top was Karl Marx "Communist Manifesto."

I was a little shocked and greatly disheartened to see that this is number 11 on the popular list of classics.

I am all for people having access to this to learn or understand where different perspectives were derived or solidified BUT it was saddening that it was just so high on the list.

I worry for my children's future.

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jrd3820's picture

Don't worry about it

Read it.

Laugh (because it's nonsense)

Know what you're working against.

Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

It is gibberish. Marx was hired to write it - not a good writer

But it's forced reading in college apparently which explains why it is downloaded so often.

Here's an idea - maybe these so-called liberal arts colleges should have the students read the book out loud for one hour per day in unison while the teacher throws books at their legs. This might help them learn the true meaning of communism.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

jrd3820's picture

I agree

It is gibberish. And I was made to read it in college, except I had already read it before.

I recently connected with the same professor that made me read it freshman year and he said he has never had a student react with such venom to a book. I am a pretty mild mannered calm person so that is out of character for me. I started talking to him about Atlas Shrugged and him and I are working on finding passages from that book for him to counter the communist manifesto with.

That's why I said; know your enemy and you can learn to work with them.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Don't be saddened

Read it!

What will be shocking to you is how close America today adheres to the ideals of that Manifesto.

Armed with that knowledge, you can then engage any aspiring "communists" you meet in a debate. Tell them America is already mostly communist. Tell them about corporate welfare - ask them if they like that too. Isn't corporate welfare communism?

Don't just be defeated. Be happy that you can read that information for free. Arm yourself with that knowledge and let people know what is wrong with it.

- - - - -

Also, it is incredible to see the vast numbers of classics available for free to read on the Kindle. Thanks for pointing that out.

Kindles are cheap these days - just $69 for the cheapest one. But you don't even need to buy one - as you said, you can use a free app on your cellphone, or even on your laptop or PC.

Again, don't just get disappointed & lay down. Arm yourself with knowledge. This is the promise of the networked digital society that we live in. Alex Jones is right when he says it is an info war. And everyone here is in it. We're all soldiers in the information war. Don't let others become casualties.

jrd3820's picture

Great Advice Michael

I was on my way over here to say almost the same thing. Great minds?...

It's interesting

The idiotic Communist Manifesto is very short--the Federalist is very long. Who spent more time thinking through the ramifications of their philosophies? Who appeared to put human nature into the equation? It sure wasn't Marx.

appeal to length?use this

appeal to length?

use this argument vs a marxist, i dare you lol.

Das Capital, anyone?

think before you type please.

Fair enough

He still didn't consider human nature in his philosophy.