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Letter to a Unarmed Nation: To Keep and Bear Arms is the Right to Protect Life, Even the Life of Another.

Letter to a Unarmed Nation: To Keep and Bear Arms is the Right to Protect Life. Even the Life of Another.

by Revolution News Network on Facebook

There is a deeper and larger truth about the connections between people that go beyond the simple assertion that one should be able save one’s own life and it is this:

The uncontrollable reflex to save someone else's, even at the risk of losing one’s own.

Like the story about the policeman in Pali, Hawaii, who, at the risk of plunging over a cliff, nevertheless held onto the suicide jumper leaping from that cliff, though he could have himself been killed -- we feel a kinship with his motives and his intentions for doing it, especially when we hear his answer the question and statement:

“Why didn't you let go? You would have been killed" from a local reporter. He answered: “I couldn't let go. If I had let that young man go, I couldn't have lived another day of my life." (1)

“If only I had been there for him” are familiar words of anyone's personal regret, as are the words of personal self sacrifice which say “I would gladly trade places with them”.

Men and women already possess the tools of the heart and the mind with which to protect life. They are innate and inborn.

Others however only see a cliff in life and would build walls ‘round them.

Some only see those who want to let go, and plunge themselves and everyone else around them over a cliff.

And it is these who are as blind to what life means as those who welcome the embrace of the rocks they are hurling themselves onto from that high place.

To be born with the heart and mind to have life, and to give life comes the innate desire to protect life. Even at the price of one’s own if it comes to that.

And it is these moments that people, individually, and collectively experience what it is to be alive during the moment of truth and supreme sacrifice. The moment when, all the rest of the truth of who you really are, is laid bare.

Note that who that is, is not laid bare at a moment of regret of not having been able to act, where one is instead forced to bear witness to your own helplessness as you survey the defenselessness of those around you, after the fact.

Nor is it laid bare at a moment of regret, of not having been able to risk or sacrifice oneself in time, where one is instead forced to bear witness to the suffering and death of others, after the fact.

It is instead found and laid bare in the actual act of defending others, and of laying down your life, if needed, to save the other, and in the process saving yourself— “If I had let that young man go, I couldn’t have lived another day of my life”, said the police officer.

We, who know that our lives are tied up in our spouses, children, families friends, and even those strangers perched on a cliff, or cowering under a school desk, know that we do not want to live another day of our lives, unless we know that we have the choice to protect life, on our terms, those we know and those we don’t, and choosing the time, and place and manner in which to be truly alive and live up to what's included in being human and free:

The right of self defense.

The right to use it to protect all those around us, because they are precious.

The right to protect even the precious stranger.

To deprive us of not being able to save others, of leaping out and holding on over the cliff of our choosing to save the life of another, and that of our own, is to put the potential for the loss of life, for all those we know or love, and all that we are, in escrow.

To pitilessly defer our instincts and our rights into account labeled "helplessness", "defenselessness" and "grieving".

For the day may come when America may be forced to bear witness to a trail of tears, not of their choosing, and regrets(2), where we, all of us at some point in the future, can't be there to protect anyone, and where we can't be there to trade places with anyone. Just as no one was there to do that in Sandy Hook.

To deprive us of arms to protect each other is to duplicate the environmental conditions of such atrocities.

Instead we should be changing the conditions where those that protect by instinct and by nature (all of us as we previously described) are there to prevent it, so as to avoid having to examine it in hindsight with an avalanche of tearful "if only-ies" by those of us who are armed to protect life but were not permitted to be there in advance.

To sentence us to have our firearms taken away from us for crimes that we never would have committed, but in fact have always been in a position to deter or prevent (as we abide by the law, and in respect of all life), is to sentence us to a lifetime of candlelight prayer vigils for strangers, and we fear, for members of our family and our friends.

Prayer vigils that, no doubt, were averted when it was an armed citizen’s turn in Brownwood, Texas to save a policeman from another kind of cliff and another kind of jumper; the kind that’s determined to take someone with him by force.

When asked afterwards why he intervened to stop the shooter who was about to kill a policeman he said, “I thought if I didn’t help this officer, he [the shooter] would have gotten the rest of us.”


“I’ve hunted, but I’ve never shot a person…it makes you think.” The policeman’s supervisor later said “His actions probably saved the life of the first policeman on the scene as well as others..” (3)

Know that concealed licensed gun owners, whether they be sitting in a restaurant, an internet café protecting their wife and others (4), living in a trailer park, working in a store (as the owner), or out shopping on main street, that they not only have the obligation to follow the law, but to follow all of the law and beyond it.

The part of the law that compels or permits them to protect not only themselves from imminent harm or death, but you as well, and to protect it even to the extent that they willingly, at their option, risk their own by shielding you with their own body if need be as they hurl you to the ground.

Why? Because we who own guns and carry guns legally can’t bear to witness the loss of life. It’s not in the cards for us.

We’ll protect ourselves as well as you, the perfect stranger.

It’s what the dozens or hundreds of licensed concealed carry citizens have always been prepared to do (whether they're consciously aware of it or not, at the moment of truth), when they’ve been anonymously sitting at the tables near you, for years, at your favorite restaurants, walking, for years, down the same sidewalk as you do during the holidays, and even routinely chatting with you, for years, as they walk their dog, and as your dog sniffs theirs.

They’ve never been the problem as you can see, as the arms they keep and bear are only for the defense of life, and by extension are there to protect you too.

But if you insist, go ahead and say they are guilty of just one crime if it will make you feel better, such as the crime of being forever prepared to protect life, including the lives of strangers they would never let go of including yours...no matter how high the cliff.

We are,

Revolution News Network on Facebook


(1)“The Power of Myth”, by Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers, page 138.

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