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VIDEO: DTE Smart Meters Making Some metro Detroiters Ill

VIDEO: DTE Smart Meters Making Some metro Detroiters Ill

By Kim Russell
Posted: 02/04/2013
Last Updated: 17 hours and 39 minutes ago

(WXYZ) - There are new electric meters being installed on homes in metro Detroit and they're causing controversy. They are called smart meters and they use electromagnetic frequency to send DTE information about power use.

This gets rid of the need for meter readers and notifies the power company about outages. It also cuts down on costs to the power company, and allows for quicker response should you lose power. Some customers have also used it to monitor their power use online and save money.

However, some say the EMF from the meters is making them sick.

“I suffered headaches, body aches… flu-like symptoms,” said Lillian Cusumano.

She says she didn’t know about smart meters when she started feeling sick only at one of her two homes. It was a neighbor that pointed out that DTE had just installed a smart meter on the Addison Township home. She says it isn't a coincidence.

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I Just Posted This On Twitter...

The government is causing many of us to come down ill. I guess this is another way of reducing the population down to a level they can manage..