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New Food Storage Ebook Free To DPers, Limited Time, Deep Knowledge.

Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Food Storage for Rich and Poor. started as a meeting and the meeting turned into a recitation of 3 generations worth of knowledge so it inevitably turned into a story and the story turned into notes. It was in fact a collection of stories.

Because it was felt that some of this information needed to be available to the public (and because it was easy) those notes turned into a web site and the story could have pretty much ended there. But there's only so much you can fit in one story, or one part of a story so this one needs to live so the rest can come along after.

Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Food Storage for Rich and Poor. is part story, part how-to book and part reference book. If you read it front to back you will be more expert in the subject of long term food storage than most lay persons and hopefully some of the mentality that goes with it. And the poorer you are the more you might appreciate it.

I hope you'll give it a read, it's not that long, and I hope you will tell me what you think of it. And I hope you will write me positive reviews and like it and tweet it and whatever it is you kids do with things these days.

THE DEAL HAS CHANGED A BIT, now instead of a PDF copy I send you a link to a place where you can download many different formats for your various devices, you can download as many as you want.


Available on Amazon Kindle format: Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Food Storage for Rich and Poor.

Available in multiple formats on Smashwords,

If you wanna help a brother out and buy the ebook it's only $4.00, it's 64 pages with over a dozen hand drawn illustrations and tables. Business has been a bit slow so anything helps. Yeah you know things are slow when you actually have time to write those books you always been thinking about. Also it looks like the mods linked the Amazon thing so that THE DP GETS SOME INCOME FROM THE PURCHASE which is something I'm gonna do with all the links to Amazon from now on. Thanks guys!


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Am I late for the party?

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I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

hey, thanks

enjoying it so far!

Looks like this experiment is concluded. Thanks everyone!

Dowload requests have tapered off to near 0. 73 people downloaded from Smashwords and an amazing 50 people purchased from Amazon so unbelievably I ended up buying what I was GIVING AWAY. We are indeed a kind and generous people.

As far as rate/volume, a flood of requests came in almost immediately and the rate was sustained for a few days as the post made it into DP Originals. Yesterday things started slowing down and this morning I have like 2 requests.

MOST CURIOUSLY only about 30% of the people that requested actually downloaded. I guess people really hated registering on Smashwords. That's a pity. I was just sending them out as email attachments but ALL THIS TROUBLE ensued with people's maximum file sizes and spam blockers and white-lists. That turned into a nightmare instantly.

As far as overall project time I probably spent something like 30 days writing, a few more getting it through proof reading, a day drawing, 2 days dealing with all the software interfaces that actually "publish" it and probably a day just responding and sending out the download link. So my break-even point is a LONG way down the road but still, now I'm a published author and I've actually sold books. I'm like hey, not bad for a start. And it was fun! I guess I really just lucked out because we are a tight group, it's on a topic we're interested in and I did pick a slow news day to launch it. I did kinda wait for Sandy Hook Fever to muffle down a bit.

I'd like to thank EVERYBODY. Thanks to the gang that runs DP, Michael, BigMikeDude et al, LissaN for proof reading, Tarin Lupo for kinda showing us the ways of self publishing, thanks to everybody who downloaded, extra humble thanks to everyone that purchased and for all of your support and comments.

THE OFFER STILL STANDS for a few days, you can still get in. IF ANY OF YOU WEBSITES OR GROUPS that might benefit from this kind of promo let me know, Tarin explains there's like 50 different ways to set stuff like that up.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Again I hate to do this but IS THERE A GRAPHIC ARTIST IN THE


Man I hate to go glad-handing but for the actual print version I'm out of my leage for the front cover, the back cover and the spine.

I'd say HELP ME AND YOU GET ALL THIS CREDIT like every other schmuck that doesn't appreciate your talent and your time.

I'd pitch a revenue sharing deal but honestly there's like no money in this. Not really. The only gold mine here is the space between people's ears.

About the only thing I can do is lavish praise on you. And credit you in the publication. And invite you over to hang out and see Northern Arizona.

So here I stand before you with my hat in my hand and I'm otherwise naked and it's raining and I am cold and shivering and very tired.

Help? Graphic Artist Person please help me.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Hate to do this but community pulls

There are some that insist upon a real book. One they can hold in their hands.

Ok so for that "we" need a front cover, a back cover and a spine and that implies a logo which in turn implies a publishing house.

So which one of you aspiring graphic arts professionals wants to hazard your resume doing pro-bono?

So which one of you wants to tackle this thing for basically very very little money? Cause there's really very little profit margin here.

But to dignify our people I would very much welcome any participation.

Yes, I am glad-handing you and promising some sweet candy.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.



Hey bro

I still mean to call your bro about that wing wang but this book thing kinda suddenly took focus.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

OK it's clear that I'm totally inept

I guess this is why in my spare time I'm a professional technology project manager. I'd never allow this level of ineptitude even if it was a totally new process and methodology. As a professional I'd want to model the whole process first up-front, work out the bugs, define the grey zones, douse the hot spots, take down the red flags, in fact...

I guess I'd do what I'm doing now.

OK so last night I bashed and battled with artistic software which for me is about as intuitive as a phone booth is to an octopus and I upload "cover art" and it's accepted by the software and I got to bed.

This morning the software informs me that my cover art sucks and by the way in this industry there are TWO OF THEM. I.E. front and back.

Oh yeah. Books have two covers. Front and back. They also have spines. Right. And spines often have logos for the "publishing house" and in this case that means me.

Crap, now I need a logo? OK the one thing I didn't intend to be and don't want to be is a graphic artist. I can't let graphic arts into my life. It's too subjective. As a TPM I look upon graphic arts, the visual creative process as a zoo keeper, lion tamer or bar bouncer if necessary. You WILL CONFORM TO PROCESS.

As a consultant I have no problem identifying the problem here. An executive decision needs to be made and that's to fire me and get a real graphics person in here.

(further edit)

OK so it seems clear to me now that self publishing isn't about the perspective of bringing a book to market, you kinda wanna set up to be a micro PUBLISHING HOUSE. And here is where all the logo and brand identity development would want to happen IN PARALLEL with the actual production of the book itself.

THE REAL SAVING GRAVE HERE is these self-publishing platforms presume that we're totally inept. I can constantly re-upload versions in the ebook side. So the ebook side becomes a proofing platform for the print side.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Consider Fiverr for your book cover / spine

Hi Smudge Pot,

I juat started a project for an ebook cover with Paid $5 we'll see what I get... better than me futzing with a graphics program

-Bob O

There are Many Bobs...I'm the Maine Bob!

oh crap

now i'm gonna have to make on of those pathetic paeons to charity. well in for a penny in for a pound.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.


Did you download the book, did you read the book, did it resonate with you?

If yes YOUR MISSION is to keep a sharp eye out for old and still functioning tools.

You want scales. We want scales. Floor scales, hanging scales, really big ones if we can find them, they are invaluable (remember the formula for determining moisture content) plus if you want to start cooperatively buying they are totally necessary.

SOMEBODY FIND US A WORKING CIDER PRESS. We're going into business.

Ice tongs, ice picks, ice saws, it's time to bring back the ice houses.

Meat saws. Man oh man do those things come in handy when you can't plug in a sawzall.

Canning equipment is something you can still find in many thrift stores. Totally get set up with the EXTRA LARGE canning stuff and PRESSURE COOKERS. Again go large, big as you can find.

Butter churns.

Spinning wheels.

Draw knives.

Buck saws.

Score propane cookers, forget about your wimpy camp stove, look for the large burners that put out like 50,000 BTUs for large pots. Scale up your propane accessories.

Totally score grain mills and grinders. Plus there are hand driven tools for stuff like dekerneling corn from the cob and let's get started on farm equipment. We need horse-drawable plows and harrows and go-digs and combines and tractors and just about everything.



Be Tool Whisperers.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Very well done!

I am pleased that I just purchased this book on Smashwords.

I'm blown away.

Not to whine too much but it's kinda been a disastrous few months financially, there are people that owe me but I haven't paid rent yet. I'd say I'm sweating bullets but I'm old enough to have this odd sense of faith. I'm not looking to this book to pull me out of this hole, this is just odd timing that made the book come alive.

Honestly, I don't know how or when I would have found the time to get it completed to this point. Work went through a slump and I happened to have this half-completed project on the shelf.

So far, a notch less than half of the people who ask for the hookup actually download a copy. I kinda changed the deal mid-stream. People started asking for different versions so I decided heck, that's exactly what Smashwords seems to be good for, you can download all the versions you want. As far as I know, that's permanent. So I know it looks like yet another registration form pain in the wazoo but in this case the benefits seem pretty awesome. I looked into the company and it's owner a bit. There's an actual mission there and a neat business model.

Anyways Mike, I'm grateful for your purchase, this experience is really giving me a thrill, a real bright spot I hadn't expected, warmth in the winter and the opportunity to make friends a bit deeper than likes on facebook.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Some may want to check out:

The Firefox Volumes. There are a LOT of other good FREE eBooks there as well.


Thanks! Got any more interesting links such as this one?


I have published before but nothing like this. I tell stories. Even this one, supposedly non-fiction instructional material, I just had to cram some stories in there.

That said I was gonna do one called Medicine Chest and it was gonna describe all the neat natural remedies we still use to this day BUT somebody advised me the FDA would be all over my caboose for giving medical advice so I'm still kinda thinking of ways around that.

If I tell it as a historical novel and as a set of stories what can they do?

(Edit: this was supposed to be a response to AverageJoe1776 below)

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Hey I remember those

Weren't they the Foxfire books though? Wow now that is going back. Pretty pricey, really nicely bound but not a coffee table book, they were field manual size although they were thick as a brick. I'd stand in the book shop and leaf through them to see if they had anything new.

And you are correct, I bet there's a youtube for almost every technique I describe. I'm kinda counting on it. Each one of them could be a book in itself. Butchering, canning, I stayed away from bee keeping and animal husbandry cause I kept reminding myself this one is about food storage not food production.

I kinda have an idea that the companion website might become a place for people to post good info links and youtubes. There's just a few things i think make this book unique is I give you some numbers, formulas and comparison charts. The one about determining moisture content of foods is at least 200 years old but very few people understand how to use it.

That said there is a time to just kinda back off and let things brew. This book and site and whatever it becomes isn't out to be better than the next guy. I guess it's here to update some things, brush the dust off some old ideas and kinda fill in some gaps. And that's why I don't offer any links to other sites so far. There are SO MANY and I won't even pretend to know which ones are best.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.


Yes, they are in fact the Foxfire volumes, not the Firefox volumes.

How could I have missed that? ha!

You didn't miss anything

a common trope superseded your natural patters. In other words you didn't do anything wrong, you just did it right backawards.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Bump for some good

Bump for some good information :p

I would

feel honored to buy your book! I have checked out your website in the past, and it's very cool!

Also very excited I was able to buy it through the DP Amazon link!

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

We are honored.

I'm always gonna be doing a shift between I an we.

So you saw the site? Cool. One thing about the Kindle, I'm not sure how some of the tables are gonna draw on your device, particularly the one that compares freeze dried food to dehyrated. That would kinda suck if you didn't get that table. This whole game of preparedness is about setting up a strategy and comparative tables are the only way I saw to kinda help people pick out the plan that's right for their environment.

Please let me know if anything about it doesn't seem to work, any of the images or anything.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

I'm going to order a hard copy,

because I just realized my Kindle is in a box in the shop. (oops) It won't load on there if the battery is dead. Anyway I'm going to buy this book for family gifts as well. My family is old school and would love something like this! But I will let you know how the kindle thing goes when I find out;)

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Yeah so I guess that's today's project

I just happen to have the time. Ok so last night the actual text was approved by Amazon's print on demand arm. Now I have to proof the thing and upload cover art.

This represents a level of things going where I hadn't expected. In a little miniature way I'm being pulled along by market demand. I'm really not comfortable with the illustrations thing because all the artwork was drawn on napkins and scraps and scanned in and it's all low res. I wanted to write a book not make every mistake in it. But there is something in my mind to be said for the integrity of a piece as it stands and this story grew out of notes and scribbles and 3 voices all chiming in and telling stories.

In truth, the "writing" process was more an editorial one. I had to leave so much out just to make it read. And I had to cram it into one voice: that of me telling you rather than all of us being told.

That's why I have to write the next book. This one is biased towards facts. The next one will be biased towards the stories. And some of them will be mine.

Well off to work I go.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Sounds like a book up my alley.

Became a doomsday prepper when Doctor Paul lost the nomination. I have been dehydrating and making pemmican. I have a very heavy over stuffed my Mora knife and a 100% Italian wool military blanket. I live in a desert though.....This weekend I made a slingshot out of PVC and set up a big bale of hay in the yard.......just wish I could hit it...
I purchased a pressure cooker but am afraid of canning meats and vegetables...Need to do some water baths first.I never knew how much didn't know. I also purchased the book "Back to Basics" ( want to try my hand at cheese making) and John Wiseman's Pocket version of "The Ultimate Survival Guide." This is a really fun hobby while we watch the country go to the crapper.Someday I may be known as "Bushcraft LES".

Ho! Yo are making pemmican?

Woo hoo! Now maybe somebody (ahem) needs to learn how to make twisin...hmmmmm...see that? always room for improvement. Totally tell us how you are making your pemmican. If you want to.

People should know that wool keeps like 75% of it's insulating qualities even when it's wet. Not like cotton which only gives you like 20% if the wind isn't hitting you. If the wind is hitting you, you want cotton off you. And down isn't worth a thing when it's wet.

So you are right that getting into cheese or any of the methods is totally worth books in itself and there's youtubes for most of the practical methods I talk about. Amazing how youtube has how-tos for almost anything. But some of the science and calculation stuff isn't really good for youtube so text is still handy.

Cheese and fermentation, beer brewing, all that stuff calls for high levels of sanitation so I guess my first idea is to find a really really big stainless pot to boil everything in. And I totally buy the disposable food service gloves at Costco to keep my filthy dirty ugly hands from contaminating things.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

coffee_sponge's picture

Just purchased off Smashwords

Anxious to read later when I have a few minutes.
Thanks for posting; I hope you sell a million copies.

You are kind to an old smudge pot

I'd be concerned. A few million? What if the internet runs out of words?

I really am digging this Smashwords thing because once you are in with your purchase, even with the 100% discount code, you get to download it for your Kindle, your iWhatever, the desktop to print out all nice and you get to do it as many times as you want.

There were also these settings for if you want to impose the stupid DCRM on your stuff (like H E DOUBLE TOOTH PICKS) which I guess is self-publishing's way of saying this is your proprietary material but you aren't invoking dudes with guns to come enforce it. Fact is what is now the "companion website" has given away the core info for over a year. All the really important stuff like determining moisture content and some of the figures for daily caloric content, well, we didn't see anybody else covering these bases. Some of the tables emphasising what temps do, well we hope that drives it home. It's almost like you wanna store your food like you store gold. You always wanna be thinking about it but taking the basic precautions you can sleep at night.

Word up: who cares what I sell, the important thing is you guys have the info so I'm really counting on you all to assimilate this and pass it on. If we are endowed by Creator with certain inalienable rights, one of them is surely chomping on food which sustains us and this is a pretty tangible way of recognising that food is holy because we are. And feeding people is therefore a sacred activity.

I have often felt that maybe the only way we an truly honour God is to try and take care of his people. Feeding them is so simple but absolutely necessary. They can't go long without food and even less without water which is why I kinda went into water with this one. Freeze dried and dehydrated stuff saves weight, mass and longevity but it requires water. Store bought canned vegetables have lots of water in the can but they are heavy. Not good bugout stuff.

Did I mention that prepper tuna is tuna packed in oil? Oil is a major nutritional component to dry goods survival food, our body needs oils and fats. And also you can use fish oil or vegetable oil for fuel for a lamp. Or to waterproof fabric or paper. Or to heal flesh wounds and moisturise your skin or to smell-bait a snare.

Fact is this book is like an invitation to each and every one of you to write your own book on any sub-topic. Canning is great and people do it on youtube but candying and stuff like freeze-fermentation? Wanna make some applejack next winter? What we need is a guy or gal with an apple orchard and then we need a cider press.

And I kinda see where this is going. We just start to group up deals: buy our books in a bunch for a discount. let's do it, what the heck? Group up and do give-aways of our books to benefit DP or whatever or whomever. It occurs to me that as soon as I got a book I can do "special editions" for fundraisings. I guess the advantage there is unlike a post on the site, a published material kinda has an archival quality. Once it's out there it doesn't have an edit button. You have to publish a new edition.

And I gotta say it's fun so far. It's interacting with people on a whole new level. Giving somebody a book is like giving them your thoughts with a rain check, they don't have to or probably won't read it right then. But you never know when they will show up to cash it in.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Some thoughts on social networking.

Every single one of these publishing platforms. Practically everybody everywhere. The same like me tweet me, friends and family, be likeable, connect, make pages all over the place that all feed off each other in this endless loop...and it's like totally 180 from the whole point of the stupid book.

Ironic how it's supposed to encourage people to NOT spend time online or teach you what to do when online doesn't exist in any positive measure (@friends currently #starving who wants to check my farmworld? lolz cough wheeze).

Just as ironically I rent the patch of dirt I camp on and the landlord, well can I do chickens? Nope too noisy. How about bunnies? Nope he's allergic to them. Seriously? Ok how about I dig a root cell...right. Nope. OK well how about I put up a wind turbine on the poll? Nope, we don't want to attract attention. And I gotta agree there. Keeping a reasonably low profile in the real world is totally the way to go for us campers.

I suppose I can console myself with the reference material aspect: it will hopefully be there when you need it.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

I will buy

the book if it's available as a REAL book, not an e-book. The Smashwords link gave me the impression that it was available as a REAL book, but I cannot see how/where to purchase it! I'll check back soon for your response, Smudge Pot...

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