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Rand Paul reintroduces Audit the Fed. Can we get majority support?

Rand reintroduced Audit the Fed yesterday (2/4) as S. 209.

The bill already has 18 cosponsors.

There are 17 others who cosponsored the bill in the last Congress.

There are 6 others (including 4 Democrats) who voted for HR 459 in the House last year and are now in the Senate.

There are 8 other Republican Senators (many who support an audit but never cosponsored) and would more than likely vote for it if it came to a vote.

That alone is 50 Senators without including many Democrats who would support it because they are facing re-election in red states.

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Need Links to Cosponsor Lists and Graphs

For the past bills, there were websites that listed the cosponsors in both houses and also graphed them. When those are created, can someone link them to this feed?

We also need to make this a top item on the website.

If we can Audit The Fed, we can expose the corruption and then End The Fed. And that will be the keystone to rebuilding our country.

I think it and the 2nd Amendment are the 2 most important liberty issues we should pursue (IMHO).

I'd rather he introduce a bill to abolish the TSA

than auditing the Federal Reserve.I think just auditing the Federal Reserve is overrated?

The Fed

Is the keystone. A full audit of the Fed will be like pulling back the Wizard of Oz's curtain. Auditing the Fed will make ending the Fed that much easier, and when that happens; it makes ending the entire alphabet soup of federal agencies that much easier too.

Si se puede! http://readyforrand.com/

Auditing the Fed would surely

Auditing the Fed would surely lead to abolishing it.

He said abolish the TSA.

He said abolish the TSA.

Its Certainly the First Step

An audit is the first step on the road to abolition.



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Rand Paul cannot set the issues aside. This is good news. Get the keyboards ready to send letters to your senators and congressmen.

Does Ron Pauls

house bill still stand?

Bills need to be

introduced every Congress if they do not get signed into law.

HR 459 passed the House last year but was not signed into law so Rep. Paul Broun reintroduced the bill in this Congress.

The House bill is HR 24 and it currently has 105 cosponsors.



I think it was DOA.

I think it was DOA.

Rand Paul 2016... and 2020!


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starship troopers

Rand Paul: Every Government Worker in Uniform is a Hero

So this is a thread about

So this is a thread about Rand reintroducing Audit and you come here to bash him.


i was responding to Rand Paul 2016...2020!

the bill is a good one of course, but when i see the above post i think it deserves a rebuttal.

Your rebuttal has no

Your rebuttal has no substance. It was more like a cheap shot.

i'd say it has as much substance

as what i was responding to: cheerleading in the middle of a thread about auditing the FED.

you disagree? that's fine.

Service guarantees

Service guarantees citizenship!

End The Fed!
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Can it get out of committee ....

... that's the question.

I put this effort together

I put this effort together last year at the beginning of August and updated it constantly. Yet, there was no real traction. Maybe it was too wordy. But it's LOADED with Info and that of the Important kind!

Check It Out.


Earlier Version: http://www.dailypaul.com/246821/warning-this-friday-senate-t...

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First goal

is to get Senators on the record as cosponsors. While doing that, you build public support.

Secondary goal is to get it out of committee and onto the floor; however, we know that is probably not going to happen until the Republicans control the Senate.

That doesn't mean you can't educate people while building support for the bill though.

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That's hypothesis.

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I just saw it pop on my screen earlier! This maybe a random ad that will pop up on an aggregated system (like the DailyPaul) when a website (in this case Colombian Singles) buys space on others sites that are frequently trafficked by single males (such as the DailyPaul). I'm So Sorry for the confusion. And Please apologies to your husband for me. Ha Ha. I'm pretty sure he is innocent.

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i think they are columbian.

i think they are columbian.


Ted Cruz

has co-sponsored this bill, as he promised. I'm impressed. I don't agree with his more militaristic foreign policy, but he's standing strong on the constitution and what he campaigned on.