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Calling All Friends Of Liberty: How Can We Fund The Daily Paul?

Calling all Friends OF Liberty: HOW CAN WE FUND THE DAILY PAUL?

I may be stepping way out of my bounds here, but I figure we are an inventive, imaginative, and out-of-the-box, free market thinking group of people. Most of us here have more than one thing in common: That being the Love for Liberty and also a Love for the Daily Paul. If you want to get to the meat of this message, you can skip my next paragraph, because I do not want this to be so long you do not get to the point.

I don’t know what the Daily Paul means to you, my Friends IN Liberty, but it means a lot to me. I think in many ways it gave me my sanity back after I began to wake up. I was able to find education and validation as well as put myself to work trying to get Dr. Ron Paul elected president. This place has also given my husband a break from my constant ranting about the horror of current events. That can be a marriage saver! This place has also been a place to develop like-minded and not-so-like minded friends. This place has allowed me to let my not-so-often found creative juices flow in the form of writing and thinking. This place has been an educational tool as I see what others are saying which often drives me to do a little research on my own. Michael said we were a fringe group, I agree, I am fringe and this place has allowed me to join up with other fringe and I think we make a beautiful piece of tapestry.

To me this place is a modern day Liberty Pole that Michael has erected and where we assemble: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberty_pole. If we do not figure out how to fund our Liberty Pole it will go away. So back to the inventive creative part:


Maybe someone out there will come up with something that will work!


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I'd like to discuss that news flash network with you at your earliest convenience. Msg me for my phone...

Michael - expect a box of some things that fit the title

of this post. And hopefully the couple bucks I throw in with them will arrive as well.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Easy actionable step I just

The format of the site would

The format of the site would have to be completely changed. Huffington Post sold to AOL for $300M. Email lists, and branching out to appeal to more readers, etc. Complete redesign. Possible a sales funnel of info products. A few ideas, hope they help. Dailykos.com and a few other blogs make a lot of cash (profit).

Mr. Nystrom...

Doing a few radio show interviews to promote the Daily Paul...what say you Mr. Nystrom?:)

Support Liberty Media! http://benswann.com/contribute/ - http://opendebates2016.com/make-donation-open-debates/

We won't turn things around until we 1st change the media - donate to a liberty media creator today!

I am sure many of us would tune in to hear MN thoughts.

Good idea....

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

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Provide a service, make a product, etc, etc...

And advertise on the DailyPaul.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

I subscribed, because the price is reasonable, and I enjoy the website, most days... lol.

But to fund beyond that, requires good business. If you want to help the DailyPaul, be successful, and choose to use the DailyPaul to help make you more successful.

I looked at advertising here and the price is reasonable, and will probably do so for one of my ventures.

Success breeds success. Equal, market driven exchanges. Practice what we preach.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -


Hotel booking affiliates..

Poker affiliates..

(These are already services we spend money on, we just need to start using the DP affiliate links..)

A DP YouTube channel. Michael could open a Submit Original Video forum on the DP where he would post the guidelines folks must follow to have the video considered to being posted on a DP YouTube channel.
The videos would be submitted by DP users to that forum where they would pass on all copyrights to the video and the DP would make advertising revenue using the YouTube Partner Program.

Hey Michael, note that all these suggestions I am making once set up, would not require much maintenance time..


I try to change people every day. Do You?

I would suggest NO online

I would suggest NO online poker affiliates or other online gambling related ads. I'm not against people having the freedom to play poker online... I look forward to the day when it is legalized in the US or at least in my State.

The reason I say to skip poker ads is because of the potential for it to be a big liability & risk for the DP. I think carrying online poker ads could open the door to some in government who might want to have an excuse to go after the DP.


Good thinking..

That didn't come to mind at the time I posted.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

I definitely like

you thinking...things we already spend money on and things that will not take extra work for the DP!

Thanks for the ideas...send more as the come~!

Here is an other one..

We all rent a car once in a while either for us or a family member..

The DP could sign up to every online car affiliate rental plan of the major companies operating worldwide and make those links available for DP users to click on and rent a car.

The commissions are not bad at all. (I know what I am talking about..)

The same could be done with online Forex trading platforms, who pay very very well..

All this could be done in a "DP Suggested Services" page.

There is serious money to be made on this website without making it look like a shopping mall. I am not talking about banners and links on the entire site.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Here is an idea..

The DP Store "sucks".. (excuse my blunt honesty) www.cafepress.com/dailypaul

I would like to suggest the DP could have an Ebay account where products could be sold and shipped directly from the source instead of giving cafepress some of that money.

The international shipping costs are crazy on cafepress and the shopping experience is not personal at all.

I will return to this thread with some more ideas..

Getting some silver once "medals" made of the DailyPaul and selling them for $50 or more?..

I can imagine its not an easy task to manage this website.. there is always room for improvement.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

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Deacon had a brilliant idea. How about a DP cookbook? He will try to tell you he's only smart sometimes, but he lies.

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i should be greatful

i happened upon this post
i would not have noticed your words
i did not say i was smart sometimes
you said i had smart ideas sometimes
my response to you had a question mark behind it

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

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Your a wise man deacon

I did notice I read the comment wrong. You are wise all the time.

That would be cool! Are you

That would be cool! Are you thinking hardcopy or electronic?

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Well... I am a purist

And I like hardcopy better.... but electronic might be cheaper to produce.

There is already are recipe thread going so we could just start compiling there. But even if we go electronic... I am not exactly tech savy so we would need to find some of our tech savy people and get their help.

I was hoping you'd say that :)

I like hard copy too. It is evident, my pantry is full of them.

Our church did one several years ago. They were done with an on-line company and everyone entered their own recipes (and some were entered by the secretary). I can find out more about profit margin etc. Then of course there is the mailing issue which would add additional cost to the buyer. But it sure would be neat to have a book with recipes with the different DP ID's attached as authors.

I made a comment below about a "donate a buck button." I wonder if it would go over. There wouldn't be much extra work involved lol :) But I wouldn't mind working on a cookbook either. Well I couldn't wait, I googled it: http://www.cookbookpublishers.com/pricing-profits/base-prices/

Anyways that is an idea of profit/price margins. Maybe we could pre-order so we would know how many to order. Too bad we just had Christmas lol :)

fundraising idea

have pay-per-vote on topics and upcoming legislation.
Then send results to appropriate legislators,
and post there reply

Who are the conferees by name

How Hard Would It Be

for DP to sell online books and movies like infowars? You know, stuff like Food Inc, FLOW, etc, Tom Woods books and videos, and lots of other liberty and informative content? Maybe you could put banners up for new arrivals and keep us DP'ers up on the latest informative content for sale in the DP store. Also maybe have books on self sufficiency, solar power, gardening etc. Just a thought, you asked for them. Another thing is for all of us here to PUSH DP. I get on yahoo wherever there are stupid articles by MSM and in the comments I merely say, "Check out Daily Paul dot com for the TRUTH behind this story." and stuff like that. Some curious people are bound to come here and some may even stick.


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Bear thank you so much for your efforts and your love

I'll tell you how the DP can be funded, and be made obsolete at the same time: Spread the message of Liberty!

The economics of a website are: Pageviews, pageviews, pageviews. Facebook really didn't start making money until they hit a billion users. Basically, the DP makes a few fractions of a penny for each page view. So, the more pageviews, the better. The same is true for every website.

Have you noticed how agressive advertising has become? I've mentioned this before. Have you noticed how you have to watch an ad now before almost every YouTube video? Many you can't even skip after 5 secons.

And even "respectable" news sites all seem to have popup ads - something I've long resisted on the Daily Paul. And they also have stupid news feeds and sketchy ads from sketchy companies leading to sketchy websites offering sketchy products. Again, I've long resisted this kind of crap, but at this point, things are getting desperate. The competition for eyeballs is intense.

The whole point of making the ad-free premium subscriptions was to exploit the sketchy ad markets. But I've never been able to bring myself to do it. To sully and soil the DP with those kinds of ads.

But ... everyone is doing it. I hate giving into that kind of mentality, but I also hate the agressive panhandling that I've had to do on the DP for the last month, to try to buy a few more months of time. And in that few more months of time, I'm afraid I'm going to have to go with the popups and the sketchiness - unless you're a paid subscriber.

Very sorry.

I am so grateful and thankful for everyone who has sent in donations - we're over 400 contributors now! I really can't believe it - how inspiring this is.

There are almost 60,000 registered users, 10,000 of whom have signed in over the past 6 months. Still, just a few hundred paid subscribers...

More later. It is late, and I've had a long day. I signed, addressed and stamped over 100 post cards today. They're going out in the mail tomorrow...

Thank you bear, and everyone here who loves the Daily Paul. Not for me, but for the education and the oasis you provide for others who are finding their way in a sea of propaganda.

How about a donate a buck button?

What if people would just donate a buck every now and then above their monthly subscription and in addition to the fundraising events ever 6 months?

What I am thinking is maybe non subscribers might donate a buck. Maybe even I would click the donate button every now and then.

What if it said something like

Keep the Daily Paul Alive
Donante a Buck today

or the button could say different things. Maybe have it on each page as an article comes up...and in the top banner.

Anyways, just an idea. You don't have to answer, I know you are busy.

Thinking...it would have to be linked to paypal. However, some folks don't have paypal. Paypal seems to be in force with Bill Me Later. I wonder if that would be an option.

Oh well, just trying to think.
I know what you mean about the pop up adds and not wanting to stoop to that level. Was wondering since the election is over if perhaps advertising is not lucrative…wondering if you can hire someone or have people work on commission to gather advertisers or perhaps to get you page clicks. I wonder if the DP needs to advertise? Maybe advertisers would trade advertising spots? I maybe talking crazy. Just running at the mouth with my ideas which may not be workable at all. After all you have been at this for years :) Just want the Daily Paul to Live on even if we do see Liberty!!! This will still be a great place to celebrate it and to make sure it doesn’t erode!

Thanks Michael for your kind words and explanation above and the time you took to write. I hope you had a good rest and wish you a nice day! The sun is shining here! :)


Michael Nystrom's picture

p.s. - Bear

Who is that dog in your picture? He / she sure is cute!

That is Pookie Bear

She was my yorkie, my child before children. May she rest in peace.

I had a dog for almost 17 years

Her name was Baby Girl, but I always called her Pookie Bear. We lost her 12-6-2012. I feel your loss, cause I'll never get over her, she was my baby.

I am sorry for your recent loss.

Precious (her real name) was with us for 15 years. Her heart and kidneys failed in 2009. My son teared up when he saw her picture in my posts. It makes me happy to see her as I think of many memories. She will always have a special spot in my heart.

Thank you, sweet lady

We'll be OK in time, but its kinda like losing a child. You know, its kinda bittersweet, you don't want to see them go, but you don't want to see them suffer any more. Anyway, love to ya.

Instead of paying taxes, donate it to the DP...

Claim 5+ dependents on your W-4, donate 20+% of your wages to the DP, and don't file income taxes.

He He

You made me laugh...my new son named "Paul." Now all I need is a SSN for him. I wonder if they would notice if everyone used the same number for him? :)