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Calling All Friends Of Liberty: How Can We Fund The Daily Paul?

Calling all Friends OF Liberty: HOW CAN WE FUND THE DAILY PAUL?

I may be stepping way out of my bounds here, but I figure we are an inventive, imaginative, and out-of-the-box, free market thinking group of people. Most of us here have more than one thing in common: That being the Love for Liberty and also a Love for the Daily Paul. If you want to get to the meat of this message, you can skip my next paragraph, because I do not want this to be so long you do not get to the point.

I don’t know what the Daily Paul means to you, my Friends IN Liberty, but it means a lot to me. I think in many ways it gave me my sanity back after I began to wake up. I was able to find education and validation as well as put myself to work trying to get Dr. Ron Paul elected president. This place has also given my husband a break from my constant ranting about the horror of current events. That can be a marriage saver! This place has also been a place to develop like-minded and not-so-like minded friends. This place has allowed me to let my not-so-often found creative juices flow in the form of writing and thinking. This place has been an educational tool as I see what others are saying which often drives me to do a little research on my own. Michael said we were a fringe group, I agree, I am fringe and this place has allowed me to join up with other fringe and I think we make a beautiful piece of tapestry.

To me this place is a modern day Liberty Pole that Michael has erected and where we assemble: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberty_pole. If we do not figure out how to fund our Liberty Pole it will go away. So back to the inventive creative part:


Maybe someone out there will come up with something that will work!


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Robin Hood!

How about robbing the Federal Reserve? ;) only kidding...sort of. We should create a sub section of the DP, a place where people can buy and sale products, a type of EBay if you will.


I don't mean to sidetrack your thread at all, but your post raises a question: What funding does the Daily Paul NEED?

I don't ask this in a challenging or negative way, mind you. It's just an ordinary question that would accompany any typical discussion of fundraisers.


Very Good Question!

The way I am reading this:

http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2942970 "Also, I've been spending most of my time this week writing thank you cards to donors to the fundraiser that looks unlikely to fill. And looking for a new job."

and this:
"I don’t know what the future holds, for the Daily Paul, for myself, or the three patriots that help me keep the site going. Even if the fundraiser were to fill, it would only buy six more months of time at most. Since it seems unlikely to be filled, it just means less time. What does it mean? It means it is time for a change. And if these are the last few months of the Daily Paul, it brings on a sense of adventure and excitement. For there is nothing like the presence of death to bring on a clarity of focus on the present. And there is nothing like necessity to birth invention. "

and this:
“I loathe asking for money, but it has become critical.
Only shortly after the site became fun again (it wasn't much fun for me during the election season), things have started to break down. Ghosts are haunting the machine. People are having problems voting on posts and comments, and returning comments to certain users. The errors are random and hard to reproduce. Yesterday we were hit again with an erroneous malware alert from Google that suspended traffic and caused ad revenue to plummet. Big Mike said it's like the site has leprosy - everything is falling apart!
Like a car or a house, the website needs maintenance and repair, and I'm asking for your help to do that. "
Those are 3 comments that I have run across. I don't know if there are more, but to me they are saying support is needed to keep the site maintained and online. I don’t want the DP to go away so I was wondering if we, by putting our heads together, could come up with a way to keep the DP funded. It seems a lot of people are on hard times right now, so people may have their budgets maxed already, so I was hoping to figure a way to generate more funds outside of subscriptions and donations. Of course, I didn’t ask permission, I just put the post up. I know it may not be my business to do so, but the DP is that important to me.


Bear, I imagine that donations would be easier if...

...a business plan and budget were published.

I know from my own painful experience that people have been conditioned to believe that anything on the web should be "free" (to them---no matter how much it costs someone to make it available). But regardless, good luck getting donors if they don't know what they're paying for. Does the site need $100 a year or $100 an hour? And what EXACTLY does it need the funds for? And what about all these ads? How much are they generating? Etc.

Those are the sorts of things I think you'll find people wondering about.

A site like this could be hosted as-is for very little money. The code is already written. The traffic is not huge. If it's just a volunteer-run discussion forum (like practically every forum on the web), there's no paid staff. You could even host it at Rackspace and spend under $2,000 a year.

So I'm not seeing a compelling case for needing an infusion of cash. If $2,000 is too much to come up with, just start over with a free moderated forum on Delphi forums. The architecture there is still the best on the web. Meanwhile, this site can be archived (new comments closed) and saved for $85 a year on BlueHost or similar so that no content is lost.

Am I missing something?


I am only a DP user

and that for less than a year. I don't know about migrating to Rackspace or Delphi. Are you saying that the DP could be migrated to another host seamlessly for lower overhead?


I don't know what current overhead is. All I'm saying is that I know how cheaply something like this can be hosted if it is staffed by volunteers.

I have no idea the corporate structure and/or staffing behind DP. But when I hear the please for money, I naturally wonder just what it is that is in such dire need of support. Does someone want to quit his day job and work full time on DP? Well, I have several projects for which I have the same dream, yet they are NOT COMMERCIALLY VIABLE. That is, no matter how socially important they may be, they will not pay for themselves in the free market economy or in any other.

Is DP the same? Perhaps it is. If people aren't lining up to donate, then they don't see any financial value in it. Even so, at least the DISCUSSIONS can be continued for free at Delphi. So there's a pretty good solution....at least when compared to pulling the plug on the whole DP community.


Good News Jack!


So for now all is well, however, I guess we will see what the next 6 months bring...

Thank you for taking the time to supply info cheaper options.

jrd3820's picture

I think it's painfully obvious what needs to happen here

The ladies of the DP are going to have to marry rich and have their husbands commit a 5% donation of their yearly income to the DP.


Thanks for this post Bear, I will think of more realistic and productive solutions, but right now I like the "garage sale" idea you guys are talking about below. I wish we could have a bake sale, I am pretty good in the kitchen.

Hope you're doing well Bear.

Good Food!

The way to a rich man's wallet, uh, I mean heart! :)

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I'm not really searching for a rich guy, I just wanted to help keep this post up dear!

I wish we could have a bake sale though, wouldn't that be fun?

A bake sale would be fun!

Granger said something about cooking below. Got any ideas?

The men of DP could do this as well.

You know what they say about anyone who marries for money, don't you? They deserve every penny of it.

; )

As for real ideas...hmmm...well...we could all chip in a bit more. Or we could design some real cool liberty t-shirts and sell them.

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"They deserve every penny of it"

You're right, the men around here need to step up also. Come on boys, take one for the team.

I made a tshirt that has the word "markets" on it with chains around it and it says

"free the markets" ya know.... like those "free Tibet" shirts.

T shirts might be the answer.

Hello Bear.

The more brains thinking about this the better.

The new year has been good, except all these government intrusions in practice or promised cloud the future.

How's your year been?

Free includes debt-free!

Yes, I was thinking the same thing...the more brains the better!

I made a contribution and also said how much the Daily Paul meant to me, then I got to thinking, it means a lot more to me than my contribution so I upped my subscription. I don't care to ask my husband to up my subscription again, and he is the bread winner. So I was trying to think if there could be a way to raise some money that was already in everyone's budget, or perhaps such a small expense that it wouldn't hurt too much.

You know, I don't mind getting a medium coffee at McD's from time to time. It is only a dollar and because it is only a $ I find myself going more often than not. Anyways, I was thinking that I get as much enjoyment out of the DP as that cup of coffee and yet I enjoy the DP every day...

Year has been good so far. I am ready for spring. It is my favorite time of the year. I like to put in a garden.


Listening to Hannity

on the way to pick up the kids...He is advertizing for valentines. I wonder if something like proflowers, or a gold link, or like Hannity's chocolate covered strawberry advertising link (not for Hannity) could be added, then the DP could get revenue percentages when DPers order thru the links?

How about an online garage

How about an online garage sale. All proceeds go to the DP.

Do you know how an online garage sale works?

Good idea! :)

No idea!

No idea!

I was hoping you had one going LOL

I guess then it would be up to us to make it work the way we want it too!

Well, we can all find stuff

Well, we can all find stuff to donate to the garage sale and post it all on one thread and...

That's all I've got so far.

That's easy

Michael needs to start a Bitcoin business. This site is a great match for it. Right now he makes a bit by advertising other people's products. He would make a ton more having his own product.

Right now there are basically two categories of Bitcoin businesses proving very profitable: exchange & finance, or gambling. See a list here.

I recommend a couple things Michael could do. One would be his own version of SatoshiDice.com the most popular/profitable Bitcoin gambling site. It's estimated SatoshiDice profits $500K per year, and it's a dead simple straightforward site. One of the biggest selling points of many Bitcoin gambling sites is they are provably fair because they use the transparent info from the Bitcoin block chain. So Michael could make the DailyDice. I bet he would do well. Maybe not as much as SatoshiDice, since they were first, but he has an entirely new potential user base.

Do you want to know the cool thing about that too? It's legal. SatoshiDice is very careful to keep everything in bitcoins. Players send in bitcoins and win or lose bitcoins. There is never anything to do with "real money" on the site. Bitcoins are not yet technically money. They are not anything, other than digital information. The fact that some people value them is coincidental from a legal standpoint.

The next thing he could do is sell gold/silver bullion for bitcoins. There is apparently a good market for that too. The site Coinabul on that list reportedly does $1.5 million in sales per month. I don't know what the profit on that is, though. This would serve dual purpose of raising Bitcoin awareness for liberty minded people as well as making money for the DailyPaul :)

Thumbs Up

I love that idea.

A raffle is a great idea

Quiltingsando used to make quilts, guiltillows (a quilt with a pillow) and she made a Liberty Tree, that became a flag and shoes, tees, and cups, and she sold them on Cafe press to help DP.

I think it would be great if there were folks to do more of this kind of thing.

I have some dehydrated prince mushrooms, a rare and wonderful mushroom.. but I fear that mushrooms and food would not be EPA/FDA approved. hmmm.

I have some ice carving tools.. one of my chisels cost me $350.00 I could sell the set for $500, which would be a hell of a deal and donate the money to DP.

Maybe there could be an auction for things?

I'm preparing to go to my CAGOP convention and this is costing me $550.00 just for the room... I really need to start fundraising for my GOP political future. You may know I gave DP $100 in Nov, and $76 for the chip in. I asked to not have Pro statis.. If I can get my GOP convention covered.. I'll up my DP donation $64.00 and make it an even $240.00. But right now.. I have a number of business expenses to cover. Also my Church is needing moeny.. I belong to several good charities and they too are asking for donations..

Being a chef, it's kinda hard for me to make something to sell and distribute legally over state lines. I'll think harder about it.

GOOD POST BIG BUMP (((((((((((((((((((((bear))))))))))))))

Abundant blessings my friend.


it seems everyone is short on cash...auctions are a good idea!

I wonder if people would kick in a buck sometimes when they log in? I might. Some may not appreciate getting asked when logging in though. And besides, I never log out :)

I think an auction is a great

I think an auction is a great idea!

A Raffle???

An idea…how about to help finish out the fund raising for this 6 months we have a raffle? The prize could be an Amazon gift card or 2 or 3 (launched through the Daily Paul of course).

The prize amount could be a percentage of the funds raised.