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Why Our Food Is Making Us Fat

From the Guardian, via Trevor Lyman's Liberty

The story begins in 1971. Richard Nixon was facing re-election. The Vietnam war was threatening his popularity at home, but just as big an issue with voters was the soaring cost of food. If Nixon was to survive, he needed food prices to go down, and that required getting a very powerful lobby on board – the farmers. Nixon appointed Earl Butz, an academic from the farming heartland of Indiana, to broker a compromise. Butz, an agriculture expert, had a radical plan that would transform the food we eat, and in doing so, the shape of the human race.

Butz pushed farmers into a new, industrial scale of production, and into farming one crop in particular: corn. US cattle were fattened by the immense increases in corn production. Burgers became bigger. Fries, fried in corn oil, became fattier. Corn became the engine for the massive surge in the quantities of cheaper food being supplied to American supermarkets: everything from cereals, to biscuits and flour found new uses for corn. As a result of Butz's free-market reforms, American farmers, almost overnight, went from parochial small-holders to multimillionaire businessmen with a global market. One Indiana farmer believes that America could have won the cold war by simply starving the Russians of corn. But instead they chose to make money.

By the mid-70s, there was a surplus of corn. Butz flew to Japan to look into a scientific innovation that would change everything: the mass development of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or glucose-fructose syrup as it's often referred to in the UK, a highly sweet, gloppy syrup, produced from surplus corn, that was also incredibly cheap. HFCS had been discovered in the 50s, but it was only in the 70s that a process had been found to harness it for mass production. HFCS was soon pumped into every conceivable food: pizzas, coleslaw, meat. It provided that "just baked" sheen on bread and cakes, made everything sweeter, and extended shelf life from days to years. A silent revolution of the amount of sugar that was going into our bodies was taking place. In Britain, the food on our plates became pure science – each processed milligram tweaked and sweetened for maximum palatability. And the general public were clueless that these changes were taking place.

There was one product in particular that it had a dramatic effect on – soft drinks. Hank Cardello, the former head of marketing at Coca-Cola, tells me that in 1984, Coke in the US swapped from sugar to HFCS (In the UK, it continued to use sugar). As a market leader, Coke's decision sent a message of endorsement to the rest of the industry, which quickly followed suit. There was "no downside" to HFCS, Cardello says. It was two-thirds the price of sugar, and even the risk of messing with the taste was a risk worth taking when you looked at the margin, especially as there were no apparent health risks. At that time, "obesity wasn't even on the radar" says Cardello.

But another health issue was on the radar: heart disease, and in the mid-70s, a fierce debate was raging behind the closed doors of academia over what was causing it.

Read the whole thing at The Guardian

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That's great! I have been looking for raw creme.

I've had pasture fed had Batch pastuized whole milk. It's as close as I can come.

Add a big spoonful of raw cocoa powder. Stir and drink! ORAC very high.

The china survey was a questionaire. Like the Harvard nurses study without the reliability of being completed by health professionals.

Free includes debt-free!

the china survey? I'm talking

the china survey?

I'm talking about the China Study..

Pretty much proof that we are meant to eat high carb low fat diet.

Correlation does not prove causation.

It's proof that these pseudo-scientists have an agenda and our long life is not part of their agenda.

Free includes debt-free!

I deleted the comment.


The issue for me is where

The issue for me is where does the weight gain occur.

I will firmly say from my experience with dieting and my knowledge from my research that I have done and my education that carbohydrates do not make you fat at all.

It is the process by which highly concentrated sugars absent of the nutrition that would regularly accompany them in the foods they are extracted from..( such as sugar cane) cause a insulin spike that would not naturally occur with whole foods, that causes the body to utilize the fatty acids and amino acids from the foods you eat with it for fat storage.

You do not get fat from the syrup! you get fat from the fat in the food!!

The concentrated and refined (white) sugars inspires your body to absorb and retain more fat than you normally would otherwise.

On top of this, just in general, it is eating excess fat and protein that cause weight gain. The proper carbohydrate, fat, protein ratio in our diets is 80,10,10 respectively.

There are better explanations...

People do not get fat by eating it. They get fat by not being able to burn it. And, that is 100% controlled by hormones, namely leptin and insulin.

...the mobilization of fat from adipose tissue is inhibited by numerous stimuli. The most significant inhibition is that exerted upon adenylate cyclase by insulin. When an individual is in the well fed state, insulin released from the pancreas prevents the inappropriate mobilization of stored fat. Instead, any excess fat and carbohydrate are incorporated into the triacylglycerol pool within adipose tissue.

BTW, dietary fat does not stimulate the secretion of insulin. In the absense of dietary glucose, you burn fat when you eat fat.

Last Night on on Coast , George Noory Had An Expert On Who...

Last night on Coast to Coast, I listened to George Noory interview a learned man explaining why and how we get fat & sick..

He talked about using PH strips to test your saliva. He went on explain why most of the food we eat is bad for us. He discussed the reasons why we get fat (eat too much sugary foods and fruit juices, breads, meats, chicken and sweets that put our blood in acidosis.

He recommended that we eat lots of green vegetables, liquid green juices to keep our bodies health and in an alkaline. (7.2 - 7.4) He also recommended that we drink at least liter of alkaline water for every fifty pounds of body weight everyday.

He said alot of other neat things we should do for optimum health.

Needless to say, it was a very interesting show.

Working nights affords me the opportunity to listen live to these shows while most Americans are sound asleep.

For those interested here is a link:

Thanks for posting Mich~ael

This guy is mistaken. fruit

This guy is mistaken. fruit juices are 100% GOOD FOR YOU. they do not make you fat.

What happens is when they ad sugar to them it triggers an insulin response that causes your body to store fat. I agree chicken an such cause acidosis and have fat in them. and sweets cause insulin problems.

But no the answer is not to get rid of fruit, fruit is the ANSWER!!

google 80/10/10 dr douglas graham, and John Mcdougal

Fruit is good for you. Fruit

Fruit is good for you. Fruit Juices are not good for you. Fruit juices does not contain the fiber needed for proper metabolism of the fructose. and yes, drinking a lot fruit juices can and does cause diabetes.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

I was just thinking orange

I was just thinking orange juice freshly squeezed which has always done fine for me. I reccomend whole foods but i've never had problems losing weight upping my fruit intake and getting rid of the bread crackers most meat and dairy

Keep in mind

that your stomach is a vat of acid that doesn't discriminate whether the source of the glucose/fructose is fruit or table sugar. I love orange juice myself, but the sugar is extremely concentrated in juice form.

Mark Sisson is 58

Photo included. Another fatty.

Free includes debt-free!

Mark sisson has fat burning

Mark sisson has fat burning genes that not everyone has. But we are all carbohydrate burners. And mark sisson releases lots of photos of him in his prime.

its easy for a fat burner to preach high fat high protein low carbohydrate diets.

Fat burners are those people who just can't seem to gain weight and stay lean and fit. Those are people who's genes burn fat more efficiently. I have a freind like this he eats like crap all the time but he loses weight easy and stays slim.

Want to know how to turn on

Want to know how to turn on the fat burning gene? Stop consuming dietary glucose.

The Glucose-Fatty Acid Cycle

The underlying theme of the glucose-fatty acid cycle is that the utilization of one nutrient (e.g. glucose) directly inhibits the use of the other (in this case fatty acids) without hormonal mediation.

A sample of the people that's had their fat burning genes turned on...

Carbs are not required by anyone but carb addicts.

15% Protien, 15% carbs from greens and vegetbles and 70% saturated fatty acids plus 60 essential minerals is the recipe for living to 120.

I was a carb burner for 50 years, I was miserable and hungry and ended up gaining 50#.

I gave up grains and shoot for these percentages and I have never felt better.

Put weight loss in overdrive, fast every day for 16 hours straight. Sleep for 8 of those hours.

There is no scientific evidence to support your carb burner gene theory.

Free includes debt-free!

This is the most insane

This is the most insane comment I have ever heard that carbs are not required by anybody. I don't even want to waste my time rebuttling.

No scientific evidence to support my carb burning gene theory..... my jaw just dropped. Are you telling me that there are no genes in a person that set up the design for carb burning? *facepalm* We all burn carbohydrates. I lost weight and corrected horrible diet problems by dropping the addd oils and most of the meat and dairy. And its widely understood we all have genes that control how cells metabolize fat and carbs. Some people metabolize quicker and they lose fat faster.

I guess you are right and thats why we have 4 billion fat asians in the east

And its true there are people who deal with fat better than others. I really hope you will watch the doctors in the top two links i provided in my other comment.

Enjoy fruit enjoy starches stay away from cancer causing meat and dairy as best you can. nuff said

It is a common misconception

that carbs are necessary to live, but that is completely untrue. Vilhjalmur Stefansson proved this wrong in the early 1900s as an anthropologist studying Inuit. His claim that they lived on a 0 carb diet was unbelievable to the elites of NYC. So he proved them wrong by living (very healthily) on a 0 carb diet in the city for a year.

I watched all of your links

None of them is credible and their science is garbage. their thinking is agenda driven

They are still smarting since Dr. Wallach proved that the average age of MDs is 57 years. Avoiding medical school adds 20 years. The average couch potato lives to 77 years.

How many proven vegetarians have lived to 100?

Free includes debt-free!

If you think those doctors

If you think those doctors are agenda driven then you're damn right. Their agenda is to get you of of medications that KILL. If you think its junk science then I don't think I can help you. Clearly you aren't going to listen.

How many vegetarians have lived to be 100? How the hell would I know?

But I'll show you some people

108 female - vegan
109 male - vegan
100 female - vegetarian

oh and hey! check out these 70+ year old vegans!
Annette larkins now 74, looks 50 RAW VEGAN POWER!
Mimi! Kirk! 73 now.. Damn she's SEXY

It is indeed

...true that much depends on your individual constitution. The individual has to find what is right for him.

Gary Taubes is an awesome resource

Most of the science he pulls was settled in the early-mid 1900s. He makes it very hard for me to listen respectfully to nutritionists. The problem is carbs, and always has been. Corn is definitely up there, but it's no coincidence that the USDA adoption of the food pyramid and their advocacy of a low carb high fat diet correlates with the massive increase in American obesity and "first world" health problems. Could go on a long time about this one... but yeah, corn is one tiny part of the problem.

Why we get fat?

Gary Taubes separates junk science from good science.

Free includes debt-free!

Libertarian solution...

For those who prefer cane sugar over corn syrup, you should know that under normal market conditions, cane sugar is cheaper. If you want cane sugar to be more popular, all we would need to do is to end corn subsudies/tax credits and end tarifs on imported sugar.

Thanks Michael and Trevor


LL on Twitter:
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This is the video that

This is the video that probably inspired this article. I posted it on the thread below last summer: The Men Who Made The World Fat

I remember when you posted it.

I watched it and thought it was incredibly interesting!
A belated thank you for sharing the film. :)

Corn is an acidic food.

Corn is an acidic food. Acidic diets invite disease.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

HFCS Another prime reason for the diabetes epidemic

that continues to rage! Add heart disease, stroke, MS, and cancer that all seem to be interrelated. Great article worth reading.

All sweeteners, sugar, HFCS, ALL artificial sweeteners, make the blood ACID.

"When our pH is habitually acidic, a condition known as Insulin Sensitivity or Syndrome X results. That means our body thinks it's in famine resulting in over production of insulin so that it can convert all calories into fat and storing more fat than usual. As more insulin are available to the body , the higher the probability that fat will be produced and stored, rather than used and burned as energy.

Acidosis is thought to be an important yet often underestimated precursor to Diabetes Mellitus.