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Ron Paul's Tweet was perfect timing

Sometimes you need to "smack people", "dump a bucket of ice water", or "hit 'em over the head with a 2x4" in order to "smack some sense into them" and "get them thinking" - which is the objective. In the age of over sensitive - political correctness, society(or sheep if you will) as a whole has always CHOSEN to play it safe, follow the crowd, and say/do the "appropriate thing" at the "appropriate time".

Well in this case, sentiments are(as usual) running high. The result? Its gotten MORE publicity and MORE people talking and debating. Those that condemned Dr. Paul probably never supported or understood him, or his foreign policy in the first place.

I have no doubt in my mind that many of our military members, including Chris Kyle, believe with all their heart that they are doing the "right thing". That they are fighting terrorism and for freedom. As misguided as they are - that is simply not the case. They invaded and took over a country that had not attacked us. What better time than to have the most highly decorated military member for having the most kills - be made an example of what is wrong with that interventionist mentality? The mentality of glorifying an invader/murderer? Chris Kyle was basically made into the poster boy of what every soldier should strive to be. Never mind what any human being(or dare I say & categorize Christians, Conservatives, etc) should strive to be. Fact is, sometimes the truth hurts and you have to call a spade a spade. I think if anything other than stirring up some controversy, this has gotten people thinking and awoken some people up.

Ron Paul's Tweet was perfectly timed.

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Unhelpful Politically? NowOrNever

If the last 4 election cycles haven't exposed the utter futility of voting...I'm not sure what to tell you. The system is totally and completely corrupt. What it has reveiled to most people is that the entire premise of giving sanction to a system in which a very small group gets to rule over the masses is not freedom, its slavery.

If our votes even mattered, what we should be voting for is to be free and to allow no one to be superior to us. No one should create rules for us that we are forced to comply with especially when the rule makers themsevles can ignore with impunity.

The road to truly being free starts when you realize that we do not need a parasitical body politic that is given a legal monopoly on violence and the legal authority to steal from the citizens.

I will never vote for anyone to be my slave master again. I'm a free American...and free people do not participate in selecting someone to tell them what to do and give them permission to steal their money.

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Nope, you're wrong (imho).

They aren't that deep. Their motives are more diabolical.

They see this as another defining moment that rallies us together and they can't have that.

Divide and conquer is their M.O. and always has been.

When the American people come together you will see these "vietnam " wars also end. But, more than that, you will see a reawakening of the American people to END the entire propaganda machine and duopoly of the government.

They will question the latest scotus puppets as well as the Rothschild Zionists.

Do NOT underestimae them.

NOTHING happens by accident. Remember that!

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I'm not only talking about those condemning us here on DP

I'm more specifically referring to all the articles that have sprung up because of this tweet. It's controversy, it's sensationalism, and it sells. Dr. Paul's "controversial" statement gave life to many more articles being written - many with the intent of tarnishing Dr. Paul's reputation. My point was and is, if you didn't agree with him or his foreign policy before - moot point.

"Bad press" is in the eye of the beholder(just like "Die by the sword"). It's OUR job to help educate these people. I for one have taken to the message boards and comments sections of those articles. Take advantage of the opportunity that has been presented! It won't always be there.

"all the articles that have sprung up because of this tweet."

Those would include my article on pts(d). I'd been thinking about this idea ever since I heard some caller mention it to Alex Jones a couple years ago as an aside to his main comment.

Ron Paul making his statement gave me the courage to finally put this notion, that PTS(d) is a fallacy, out there in the public realm. Amazingly with 60 comments nobody has disagreed with it. And it could have easily gone the other way for me to have made/elaborated on such a bold statement.

It was probably the pandas

Thanks Chris - very good point

I just took the liberty of stealing your article/words to add to a reply of mine to someone over on reddit.

BTW: Did you check this out?