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The New ”Rag-head” Is The ”Conspiracy Theorist”

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The Permex Privatization: How Using the “conspiracy theorist” Pejorative Kills Critical Thinking and Logic

Since 1938, the oil industry in Mexico has been a nationalized industry and has employed countless Mexicans affording them the opportunity to achieve and maintain a middle class lifestyle for an entire generation.
Permex is the nation’s second largest industry behind only the drug industry which as we all know, is big business for American banks and the Sinaloa Cartel which we ship illegal weapons to in order to give them an advantage in the drug war business. An advantage our American banks need to maintain their monopoly on the laundering of all that drug money.
That’s not a “conspiracy theory” by the way, that’s a proven fact.
So now the president of Mexico wishes to privatize and entire industry that at this point belongs to the people of Mexico. He wants to hand it over to the same British and American firms who got the loot in Libya and Iraq and countless other countries in the past few decades.
And suddenly, without warning, without any previous precedent, there is a “gas buildup explosion’ in the basement of the OFFICES of the Permex headquarters which kills dozens of people but coincidentally, doesn’t damage the oil infrastructure of the soon to be privatized national industry.

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